Badrinath Temple

Badrinath Temple located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. Hindu temple and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. For every Historical place, there will be a fantastic novel that needs to know while reading or listening it always gives thrills and excitement.

The story went like this once upon a time a cute couple called Shiva and Parvati who stays in a hilly forest, one fine day the sweet couple thought to have a peaceful walk, as planned they both went for a casual walk and returned home. For a surprise they saw a tiny baby laid in front of the house, Parvati took a Quickstep and try to take the baby into her arms but Shiva noticed that something went wrong warned his wife not to touch the baby because he was not a baby. If in case his parents left him over here at least we can see their footprints but there are no footprints so don’t touch the baby said by Shiva. Parvati said how you can talk like this Mother in me can’t see the child in a weird situation and took the baby inside her house and fed him.

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In the evening time, Parvati and Shiva went for bath nearby hot water springs and left the baby alone at home. By the time they return home they found doors were locked from the inside, Parvati was astonished and asking Shiva who closed the door from inside? Shiva politely replied I told you already that he was not a real baby alas! You did not bother my words.

This is how they lost their home and became” illegal aliens”, they walked around searched for an ideal place to live and finally settled down in Kedarnath.

You may raise a question did he do not know the coming consequences. One simple logic “you may know many things, but you still allow them to happen”.

Badrinath temple is one of the historical significance raised by Adi Shankaraya. He was born in Kaladi, Kerala in ancient years. He was a marvels scholar with good human capabilities. When he was at the age of 2 very fluent in both reading and writing the Sanskrit. When he was 4 he would tell all the Vedas and at the age of 12, he took Sanyas and left home. Though he was at a very young age started to walk across the country to re-establish spiritual growth.

Badrinath set up his people there. Visually this area is an incredible place. The town may not look good but if you look around at the rest of it is incredibly beautiful.

From place Govind Ghat to Badri, it takes around 25- kilometre drive is the most enjoyable drive you can have anywhere in the world the words are not sufficient to describe the prettiness of that place. The temple is also one of the four Char Dham and Chota Char Dham pilgrimage, is situated at the height of 10,279 feet, the black stone idol of Lord Vishnu is 1m tall and considered to be one of the 8 swayam vyakta Kshetras or self-manifested statues of Vishnu, the temple was surrounded by the lofty snow and is a paradise for nature lovers

The purpose of travelling to the Himalayas is not to gain something that was a precious opportunity to have a glance about the ancient day’s real stories. Thousands of years ago people went to this Himalaya where there is no route map, no roads, automobiles and no maps to indicate the starting and the ending.

The entrance gate of the shrine painted with myriad colours, it has not the only image of Lord Vishnu but several other gods saints are housed inside the temple.

The temple doors will be opened only six months in a year– from April-may and October- November, but on the day of dasant Panchami (February – March), according to the astrological configurations.

The temple opens around 7-8 am. However, the temple opening timing is 4:30 am the darshan hours continue till 1 pm. A short break till 4 pm and again darshan hours restarts and closed by 9 pm.

This temple is part of Panch Badri temples. Whereas the other temples are Yog Dhyan Badri, Bhavishya Badri, Adi Badri, and the Vriddhi Badri. The holy river Saraswati also originates from a glacier near Badrinath these are the gods other than Lord Vishnu.

There are some Temples near to Badrinath Temple:

  • Adi Badri: it is the 2nd most temples among the sapt Badri when the Badrinath temple was closed during winter sessions; the believers visit this temple to pray the Lord Vishnu which locates 1 Km away from the Badrinath temple.
  • Vridha Badri: It is the 3rd most famous temple among sapt Badri temples the Honourable Adi Shankaracharya worshipped Badrinath here before shifting to the main temple, this temple will be welcomed all over the year.
  • Bhavishya Badri: It was the 4th most famous temple among the sapt Badri, The meaning of this temple “Future God” which implies that it will be the future residence of Lord Badri.
  • Yogadhyan Badri: This temple stood in the 5th place, yogadhyan has the bronze image of Lord Shiva. The image shows about Badri Meditating. The name of the shrine comes to be known as Yoga-Dhyan Badri.
  • Dhyan Badri: This was the 6th famous temple; it has the status of Lord Vishnu which established by Urvashi, This image has four arms made of black stone it is also called a meditative posture.
  • Ardha Badri: This was the least preferred place because here the Lord Vishnu quite smaller than compared to other temples.

Reach the temple in three ways-

Air– Nearest airport is Jolly Grant in Dehradun at a distance of 314 km.

Train– the nearest railway station is Rishikesh 295 Km away from the temple.

Road– one can take the bus from New Delhi to Haridwar or Rishikesh.

There is an Accommodation to the visitors of the Badrinath:

  • The hotel is just 1.7 km away from the temple, the hotel has a huge entrance; there is an availability of car parking too. The rooms are equipped with good facilities for hot water, heater, etc. The temple is walking able distance less than 1 km.
  • Narayan Palace, it was located at the base of the hill and beside the River Alakananda. The room facilities are good with hot water, etc. The window of the hotel room was just immense able, the workers are good heart with polite caring the food was delicious.
  • Sarovar portico is a well- known name, a place with pleasant climate with polite workers the hotel constructed with awesome infrastructure. The out view from the window simply mind-blowing, you can easily relax by glancing at the mountains and people on the streets.

Festivals Celebrated in Badrinath

In Badrinath not only the places and different temples but also Festivals, the Badrinath will celebrate the different type’s festivals:

  • Badri- Kedar festival this usually occurs in June. All the Artists from there Uttar Pradesh gather to play and show their musical talents and dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva this festival continues for 8 days.
  • Mata Murti Mela Badrinath arranges a large fair on every September, on this special day they celebrate coming of Ganga River o the earth, a mother of Nar & Narayana. Devotes all believe that she divided the Ganga River into 12 distributions.
  • Janmashtami This festival is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna (8th avatar of Vishnu), It occurs in August or September.

For Advance Booking of Badrinath Mandir pooja contact:

Shri Badrinath –Shri Kedarnath Temples Committee

Maa Chandra Badri Temple,

Near Kargi Chowk & Oberoi Mission Motors,

Kargi Grant, Haridwar by-pass road,

Dehradun, Uttarakhand- 248001, India

Telefax: + 91 –(135) 2627122


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