Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple,Kerala

Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple

Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple Mahishi, the sister of Mahishasura who was killed by goddess durga secured a boon from Lord Brahma that no being except the offspring of Vishnu (Hari) & Shiva (Haran) could slay her. About Sabarimala Temple In due course of time, Mahishi went to Devaloka and began harassing the Devas who in turn implored Lord Vishnu to intervene.

History Of Sabarimala Temple the boon was that nobody except the son of Lord Shiva & Vishnu could kill Mahishi, Lord Vishnu assumed the female persona of Mohini who helped devas prize Amrit away from asuras; it was decided that the male child born out of the union of Mohini and Lord Shiva would be placed under the care of Lord Shiva’s childless devotee, King Rajashekhara of Pandalam.



On one of his hunting trips to the forests near River Pampa, he heard a cry of baby and followed the sounds found a child. As the child was wearing a gold chain, the sadhu directed the King to name him ‘Manikandan’ – one with a golden neck. Rajashekhara took Manikandan home and narrated the happenings to his queen. They both felt that they had been blessed by LordShiva himself.

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About Ayyappa Deeksha Sabarimala Temple

Meanwhile the Queen had given birth to a male child who was named Raja Rajan. Sensing these miraculous turn of events were somehow inextricably linked to Manikandan, Rajasekara, decided to crown him King; he obviously considered Lord Ayyappan his eldest son.

Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple

The Diwan told the Queen that it was highly improper for Manikandan to succeed Rajasekara, as her own son was alive. He instigated her to feign illness; he assured the Queen that he would make his physician proclaim that she could be cured only by the application of tigress’ milk.

Manikandan would be impelled to go to the forest where he would fall a prey to wild animals, or even if he returned home without accomplishing the task, Rajasekara’s love for him would be the same as before. Blinded by her devotion to her own son, the Queen vowed to help the Diwan and pretended as though she were suffering from a terrible headache.Check Info Travelling And Route Map Sabarimala Temple



Manikandan offered to help, but the King would not heed his pleas to go to the forest. Manikandan requested his father to do him a favour. Rajasekara, ever the indulgent parent relented immediately; the boy seizing the opportunity pressed him to let him collect the milk. On his way to forest manikandan came to know the secret of his birth through lord indra and helped him in killing demon queen mahishi.

A bloody battle soon ensued and at the end, Manikandan mounted Mahishi’s chest and commenced a violent dance that reverberated within the earth and the Devaloka. Even the Devas were frightened.

Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple

Mahishi realized that the divine being on her was the son of Hari and Haran, chastened, she prostrated before the young boy and died. Mahishi and freed herself from the curse and obtained Moksha by the grace of Shri Dharma Sastha, which is described  as Malikapurathu Amma.



Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple  ayyappa arrived palace along with tigers from the forest. Knowing the divinity of ayyappa queen mother apologies for her act.  He told to his father that as he had accomplished the task for which he had created himself, he would return to Devaloka without fail.Check More Accommodation At Sabarimala Temple

Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple his departure, the lad told the King that he  would grant him whatever boon Rajasekara requested for. Immediately, the King Rajasekara told him that they wanted to construct a temple in his memory and beseeched him to suggest a suitable place for the temple.

Epic Story Of Sabarimala Temple

Manikandan aimed an arrow which fell at a place called sabari, where in Sri Rama’s era a Sanyasini called sabari observed Dhavam. Lord Manikandan told the King to build the temple in that place and then he disappeared.

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