Sri Bhadrakali Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple, Muramalla

Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple

Muramalla Sri Veereswara Swamy Sametha Bhadrakali temple is located in Muramalla Panchayat of Polavaram Mandal in Andhra Pradesh. Here Lord Shiva worshipped as Sri Veereswara Swamy and his wife Goddess Parvati as Bhadrakali.

Sri Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple Muramalla temple History:

As per mythology says that Lord Brahma performed Yagna to gratify Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati appeared, separating herself from Lord Shiva in the creation of the universe. And Lord Brahma started prevailing towards Lord Shiva. Then Brahma made Shiva Indignant and Siva demolishing 5th head of Lord Brahma and cursed that he would lose of creation

Daksha is the son of Lord Brahma and he performed yagnas for Goddess Parvathi and get boon as Goddess Shakthi as his daughter in form of Sati. Daksha was in detestation on Lord Shiva for his father 5th head

At last Siva and Shathi married and increased the anger of Daksha. One day Daksha perform Yagna near Muramalla and invited all deities except Lord Shiva. But Goddess Sati went to that Yagna and Daksha insulted Lord Shiva there. Then Goddess Sati immolated herself and by knowing this Lord Shiva took Veerabhadra avatar went to that place. He cut off the head of Daksha and later he placed that with the male Goat head.

To control the Lord Shiva form sadness Lord Vishnu threw his Sudharshan Chakra on Sati’s body and that body parts fell at different places on earth. And that places are names as Adi Shathi temples.

And Thirumurtis requested together Adiparashakthi (one of the avatars of Goddess Shakti) to placate Lord Virabhadra. The Adiparashakthi sent Bhadrakali and they got married based in Gandharva Vivaham. Now today persists also following the same celestial wedding called as Nitya Kalyanam every day.

Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple

In this temple, you can see the other deities and devas like Viswamitra, Agastya, Sukudu, Vasista, Bhargava, Gowthama, Vyasa, Marichidu, Bharadwaj, Kasyapudu, Narada, and Markendeyudu. And see Lord Virabhadra and Lord Narasimha in a temple.

Importance of Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple Muramalla temple:

Devotees believe that people who are facing problems for marriage, who find some difficulties to get good proposals, get married, childless couples will visit this temple for good result.

Muramalla temple opening timings:

Morning 9 AM to 1 PM and Afternoon 2 PM to 7 PM

Temple sevas and ticket cost details:

Daily sevas:

  • Nandi Vahana Kalyanam: Rs 800
  • Pradhama Abhishekam: Rs 150
  • Bahari Kalyanam: Rs 800
  • Mahaanyasamu: Rs 15
  • Gopooja: Rs 116
  • Laghanyaasa Purvaka Aekavara Abhishekam: Rs 10
  • Saharasaranaama Kumkuma pooja: Rs 116
  • Maktha Kalyanam: Rs 800
  • Vahana Pooja: Rs 15
  • Upanayanam: Rs 75
  • Vivaahamu: Rs 100
  • Video shooting: Rs 200
  • Kaesha Khamdana: Rs 15

Monthly Poojas:

  • Rudra Homam: Rs 216
  • Lakhapathri pooja: Rs 216
  • Chandi Homam: Rs 216

Yearly Pooja:

  • Brahamothsavamulu: Rs 1116
  • Laksha Rudraksha Archana: Rs 250
  • Pushkaranadhi Jala Abhishekam: Rs 200

About Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple Muramalla Nitya Kalayanam:

In this temple, Nitya Kalayanam Pooja starts from 5 PM. Dinner facility is provided under Annadanam scheme. Nitya Kalyanam pooja starts on Sunset and devotes need to carry 2 Garlands, Beetle Nuts, Beetle leaves, and bananas. The remaining pooja materials are arranged by temple authorities

Registered devotes will receive Prasadam as Swamyvari Prasadam, Akshinthalu, Seshavastramulu, and Kumkumaa etc. For the non registered devotees Swamivari Prasadam, Akshinthalu, and Kumkumaa will distribute

Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple

Festivals celebrated in Muramalla Sametha Veereswara Swamy Temple:

  • Annual Brahmotsavam
  • Pushkaranadi Jalabhishekam
  • Chandi Homam
  • Maha Shivaratri Festival – February/March
  • Laksha Rudraksha Festival

How to Reach:

By Road: Muramalla is connected to National Highway 214 from Kathipudi to Pamarru. So many buses are available to reach the temple

By Rail: The nearest railway stations are Kakinada and Rajahmundry stations

By Air: The nearest airport is Rajahmundry airport

Nearby temples:

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  • Sri Pallalamma Ammavari Devasthanam (Vanapalli)
  • Sri Kunthi Madhava Swamy Temple
  • Sri Ayyappa Swamy temple
  • Sri Puruhootika Devi Temple
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  • Sri Rameswara Swamy or Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple
  • Sri Mukti Kantha Sametha Kshana Mukteswara Swamy Temple (Muktheswaram)
  • Sri Adi Kesava Emberumanar Swamy Temple
  • Sri Jaganmohini Keshava Swamy Temple

Muramalla Bhadrakali temple Accommodation:

Now temple maintaining the 4 rooms for accommodation like 3 non AC rooms available Rs 250 and 1 AC room at Rs 600 for 24 hours

Temple Address:

  • Sri Bhadrakali Sametha Veereswara Swamy temple, Muramalla, Polavaram, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh 533220

Office phone number: 08856 278424

Nithya Kalyanam bookings: 08856 278136

Phone numbers: 9391427360, 9494158846

Email ID:

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