About Konark Temple At Odisha

About Konark temple History of the Konark Temple – The temple was originally constructed at the mouth of the river Chadrabhaga. it was built in the form of huge decorated chariot of the sun god. The temple is extensively known for its architectural, complexity and excess of sculptural work. It has 24 wheels each about 10 feet in diameter with set of rods and rich carvings. Epic of Konark Temple is great.


About Konark temple

Wheels and Horses:

The temple has 24 wheels and seven horses have been fixed on the platform, 12 wheels are attached to the both sides of the main temple, 8 wheels to the sides of the Mukhasala and 4 wheels on the both the sides of the steps of the eastern side. Each wheel consists of 3 meters with eight thick and 8 thin spokes.


About Konark Temple


According to the mythology the sun god moves only with one wheel drag by the 7 horses. Since constructing a huge wheel on the earth is not possible so, the artisans of the Konark made them into 24 wheels. It was said that this 24 wheels shows 24 hours of the day and 7 horses shows 7 days of the week.

About Konark temple

The 7 horses were seen as if they are flying to the chariot through the heaven. In Bhagvat Gita the names of the 7 horses are like Ushika, Anustuv, Gayatri, Vrihati, Pangti, Jagati and Tristup.

Architecture of the Temple

It consists of two lion’s protector at the entrances, grave elephants and journey of steps which leads to the main entrances.

The temple was constructed in the style of Kalinga architecture with Khondalite rocks. It was oriented towards the east so that the ray of sun rise falls on the entrances. The temple sanctorum was 229 feet (70mm) tall because of the weight of the temple sanctorum and weak soil of the area the temple was collapsed in 1837. The structure of Jagamohana (Audiences hall) is about 128 feet (30m)  tall the structures stands same till today as well as the  structure of dancing hall(Natya Mandhir), and the dining hall( bhoga mandapa) are also lived till today.

The Konark temple is also famous for its sensual statues of maithunas.  There are two small crumbling temples nearby. They are

Mayadevi Temple:  it is located at south west from the entrance of the main temple. Mayadevi is wife of sun god it was old temple dated in late 11th century, early then the main temple and it was dedicated to Mayadevi.

About Konark temple other temple consist deity of Vaishnava and sctruptuals of Balarama, Varaha and Trivkrama can be seen at the site.  Both the temples were missing their main idols. We can see collection of fallen sculptures in Konark Archeological Museum which is managed by Archaeological Survey of India.

The area of Konark temple is 857 ft by 540 ft. coming to the outside of the Konark temple we come across rosewood tress, mahogany and eel. Most of the temple came to the shells as a result of Kalaphad’s attack on Orissa.

About Konark temple can see the destroyed images and uprooted stones on the walls of Konark temple even today. There images of animals on the walls of Konark temple like giraffe, snakes, elephants etc. we can see the images of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Sakthi complexly manner.


About Konark temple

Temple timings & Entrance Fee of Konark:

Timings: 6 P.M – 8 A. M

Entrance fee for all Indian Visitors: Rs. 10 per head.

Children up to 15 years free of cost

Us – $5 (250/-) per head.

Timings of Archaeological Museum:

10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Close on Friday.

Entrance fee: Rs. 5/- per head.

Beat Time to Visit Konark Temple is from – February to November.

If you are planning to visit Konark then know about How to reach Konark Temple. Along with that there are many different Visiting places around the Konark.

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