Top sights in Yadagirigutta Temple

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Never miss visiting the in and around places of Yadadri Narasimha Swamy Temple. Are you aware of the epical history of Yadadri Narasimha Swamy temple(internal link)?The list of visiting sites around Yadadri Narasimha Swamy temple given below

Places to visit in hyderabad near yadagirigutta | Top sights in Yadagirigutta Temple

Peddamma Temple: (internal link)

The time required to reach the Peddamma temple from Yadadri Narasimha Swamy temple 1 hour 58 minutes. The distance to cover 73.7km via NH163.

The Peddamma temple is one of the famous temple dedicated to goddess Durga, the word Peddamma means god of supreme powers. There are some temples constructed in the province that dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Saraswathi and Naga Devatha.

Sanghi Temple: (internal link)

The distance between the Yadagiri Narasimha Swamy temple and Sanghi temple is 64.6 km and the travel time is 1 hour 20 minutes via NH163

The main deity in Sanghi temple is Lord Venkateshwara, and the idol is of 9.6 feet, which considered as the replica of idol Venkateshwara Swamy at Tirupathi. There are multiple idols in the temple as Hanuman, Padmavathi, shiva, Vijayganapathi, Karthikeya, Durga, Ashtalakshmi and Rama

Ananthagiri Temple: (internal link)

To reach Yadari Narasimha Swamy temple from Ananthagiri temple, it takes 3 hours 13 minutes and the distance that needs to cover 115.2km via Nehru outer ring road.

The main deity in Ananthagiri temple is Lord Vishnu, 400 years ago Nijam Navab Osman Ali Khan constructed temple in a south Indian architecture that represents the ancient history.

Surendrapuri Theme park:

A distance of 4.4 km needs to cover for reaching Surendrapuri from Yadadri Narasimha Swamy temple and takes a travelling time of 11 minutes via Yadagirigutta road.

The Surendra puri theme park is one of the mythological theme parks that depicts Hindu mythology. It’s an eye feast to the visitors as it consists of 101 feet Shiva Linga, five-faced double statue Shiva and Hanuman and Navagraha temple. All the statues do represent about the epical history of Sagara Madanama, spiritual representation of Saraswathi Devi and Sri maha Vishu along with Maha Lakshmi in Shkeera Sagaram. This park has many more things to admire.

Bhongir Fort:

Bhonogir fort lies in a distance of 84.2km that takes 1 hour 52 minutes to travel via Bhuvanagiri-Nalgonda road.

In 1076 A.D the Bhongir fort constructed by Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya in a unique egg shape. The fort is a height of 500 feet and built with a single stone.  At the beginning of the fort, there is a Hanuman temple. There is a vast underground chamber, trap doors, ponds and wells in the fort.  From the top of the fort there visible the neighbourhood area, the citadel provides a birds-eye view.

Kolanupaka Jain Temple:

Within of distance of 21.5 from the Yadadri Narasimha Swamy temple, there exists a Kolanupaka Jain temple that hardly takes a journey for 38 minutes via NH163 and Kolanpak road.

Kolanupaka Jain temple constructed 2000 years ago in Kolanupaka village. The temple dedicated to Lord Rishabhanatha, lord Neminatha, and Lord Mahavira. Kolanupaka considered as one of the main places for Jainism. The interior of the temple constructed with red sandstone and white marble stone. On both sides of the main idol, there are eight idols of Tirthankars. Idols of lord Simandar swami and Mata Padmavati placed on both sides of the temple.

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