Everything About Somnath Temple Accommodation Booking

Somnath Temple Accommodation Booking

The Somnath temple accommodation booking is considered one of the Jyotirlingas out of 12 in India, dedicated to diety Somnath, one of Lord Shiva’s incarnations. The temple located in Gujarat, India. Visit Somnath Temple Accommodation Booking procedure.

Somnath Temple Accommodation Booking

Somnath Temple Accommodation at Lilavati Aiithigruh

  • Non- A/C with two cots, Rs. 750 & Deposit Rs.1000
  • A/C with two Beds Rs. 1100 & Deposit Rs. 1500
  • A/C with two beds Rs. 1700 & Deposit Rs. 2400

In- Time: 10:00 AM   Out- Time: 11:00 AM

Accommodation at Maheshwari Samaj Atithi Gruh

  • Non- A/C with two cots, Rs. 750 & Deposit Rs.1000
  • A/C with two Beds Rs. 1100 & Deposit Rs. 1500
  • A/C with two beds Rs. 1700 & Deposit Rs. 2400

In- Time: 10:00 AM   Out- Time: 11:00 AM

Tanna Atithigruh

  • Non- A/C with two beds, Rs. 400 & Depoist Rs. 700
  • Non – A/C Deluxe two cots Rs. 550 & Depoist Rs. 900


  1. Simple & Normal accommodation
  2. Hot water
  3. Room Service
  4. Availability of TV

Sanskritik Bhavan

  1. Big Hall 20 persons space, Rs. 450 & Deposit Rs. 1000
  2. Big Hall 35 persons space, Rs. 750 & Depoist Rs. 1600

GST is Applicable on all Accommodations

Listed accommodations are the top-rated places near Somnath temple; all the accommodations are at very reasonable prices with excellent customer services round the clock. You can even book your room online.

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Poojas at Somnath Temple

The list of poojas that offered in the Somanatha temple listed as below

Pooja Name Purpose
Homatmak Atirudra Mahayagna to abolish sins
Homatmak Maharudra Pooja performed by 56 Vedic pandits & also to all the Vedas
Homatmak Lagurudra Abhisekham for the wealth and prosperity
Savalaksha Samput Mahamrityunjaya Jaap Abhisekham to increase longevity
Gangajal Abhishekam Abhisekham with sacred gaga water
Navagraha Jaap Prayer that offered for Navagrahas
Kaal Sarp Dosh Prayer to remove effects of sarps from years

Seva’s at Somnath Temple

Pooja Name Ticket Price(Yearly in Rs)
Pathatmak Atirudra 2,51,000
Maha Mrityunjay Jaap(Dasavn Havan) 51,000
Maha Mrityunjay Jaap 25,000
Pathatmak Maharudra 25,000
Pathatmak Lagurudra 11,000
Maharudra Poojan 5,500
Abhisek and mahapooja 3,500
Mahapooja 2,500
Rudrabhisekham 2,100
Kaal sharpa yog pooja 11,000
Graha Shanti pooja 11,000
Homatmak Atirudra 2100000
Homatmak Maharudra 171000
Homatmak Lagurudra 41000
Savalaksha samput mahamrutunjay Jaap 50000
Savalaksha mahamutunjay Jaap 37500
Silk Dhvajorohan 11000
Maharudra 15000
Dashans home 11000
Kalsarpa yog nivaran vidhi 5500
Shivpuran path 5500
Shiv Parivar pujan 2100
Hanuman Chalisa 1500
Sundar kand path 1500
Bilva pooja 7500
Mahamrityunjay jap 500
Bavarian 500
Panchopchar pooja 500

The architecture of the Somnath Temple

The Somnath temple’s main diety is Somanath in a Chalukya or Kailash Mahameru Prasad style. The Sikhara of the temple height is 15 meters with a flag of 8.2 meters, and Dwajanand of size 27 feet 1-meter width. The temple lies in a place where there is no land between Somanath seashore to Antarctica. Somnath temple is the first point of land in the north to the South pole.

It reconstructed by the ruler Mahipala in 1308 and the Somnath lingam installed by his son named Khengara in 1351. In 1395, the temple destroyed the third time by Zafar Khan and desecrated in 1451 by Mahmud Begada.

Somanath Temple History

The epic history of the Somanath temple is the lord Chandra feel proud about his charm and handsome gesture, his father-in-law, taught to teach him a great lesson, so Daksha Prajapati(father-in-law) cursed him to fade.

To reveal himself from curse lord Chandra prayed to lord shiva in Prabhas Tirth, the lord Shiva was compassioned by the devotion and relieved from the curse.

As an honour to Lord Shiva, the Somanath temple constructed by Chandra with Lord Brahma’s guidelines, the temple called as Bhairaveshwara in Satya yuga, Shravanikeshwar in Treta Yuga and Shri Kaleshwar in Dwapara yuga.

Festivals Celebrated In Somnath Temple

The list of festivals that celebrated in the Somanath temple below.

1.Shravan Masam


3.Golokdham Utsav

Ways to Reach Somnath Temple Accommodation

By Air:

The airport is the nearest airport within a distance of 85 km from the temple.

By Train:

The Somnath railway station and the Ahmedabad railway station.

By Road:

The traveller can select the NH27 and NH47 route to travel by roadways. You can reach in 7 hours from the source to destination Ahmedabad.

By choosing the bus, you can reach in  9 hours 22 minutes, and the ticket fare ranges as Rs.500.

Visiting Places Near Somnath Temple

The nearest visiting places of the Somnath temple listed below

Paanch Pandav Gufa

The temple dedicated to Pandavas which found in the year 1949. From this cave, the whole view of the city visible.

Balkha Tirth

It’s the place where Lord Krishna shot with an arrow by a hunter called mahaprabhuji’s Bethak.

Somnath Temple Address

Somnath Mandir Road,



The above-mentioned in Somnath temple accommodation booking.

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