History Konark Temple At Odisha

History Konark Temple About Konark Temple – Konark is one of the famous attractions in Orissa. The temple huge temple devoted to the sun god. The temple is constructed on 1278 CE as one of the grandest temple of India by the Ganga King called Narasimha Deva.

History Konark Temple

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Epic of Konark Temple – It is also called as Black Pagoda. The remainders of this temple were exhumed in late 19th century. The tower of the Garbagriha is missing later the Jagamohana completed it and it was wonder inspiration even in this state.


History Konark Temple


History  Konark Temple  was said that the temple is not completed as imagined as the foundation was not strong to bear the weight of the heavy ceiling. The magnetic roof began ship to crash near the seashore, then the roof was removed and the image of sun god is taken to puri.

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