About Golden Temple, Vellore Tamil Nadu

About Golden Temple

About Golden Temple History of Sripuram Golden Mahalaxmi Temple is very great. Sakthi Amma was born on 3rd January 1976, to the couple of Nanda Gopal and Smt. Jyothi amma. The birth of this baby was divine and very special. On the baby forehead a divine ray of light (Namam), symbol of Chakra and sanku (conch) was visible.


About Golden Temple


In her childhood days she shows great interest in spiritual life. Through this a great connection was recognized and people declare the child is very special.

One day when the child was 16 years old while she was traveling in a bus from school she was gazing at the sky. Suddenly a ray was appeared from the child’s body, likely from the sky and formed an image Goddess Narayani.

Goddess Narayani was appear in white with holding ‘Sanku’ in her left hand, Chakra in her right hand , a lotus in her third hand and fourth hand was apprehended up in a sign of blessing. After reveling from the form was disappeared and ray was return to the child.


About Golden Temple


About Golden Temple Sri Sakthi Amma Declare the avatar of Goddess Sri Nayani on 8th may, 1992. When one of lady continuously questions the Goddess then a godly form asked to close her eyes. When she opened the eyes she saw great the great vision of Goddess Sri Nayani with royal lion and informed with divine voice that whenever the Dharma decline and Adhama increases, my birth will be taken place in the world now I was born as Narayani here called as Sakthi Amma.


About Golden Temple


The main purpose and vision of Amma is to develop the morality and truthfulness in humankind. Amma has a vision that we can protect peace in our lives through worship and prayers. Along with that also know about the Darshanam Timings and Sevas At Golden Temple

If you are planning to visit then first of all know about How to Reach Golden Temple Vellore if you want to stay at the Golden Temple here are the details about Accommodation Facilities At Golden Temple

About the Star Path

The star path with 12 positive vertices will create a divine energy on the earth. The messages posted on the path way both sides will encourage the people with truth and morality as they walk slowly to the temple.


About Golden Temple

About Golden Temple

About Golden Temple messages will says about human life and birth, what the things we should are and what thinks we should not do, important of devotion and many more.

The golden temple is consists of following sub temple such as Sri Puthu Temple, Sri Adi Narayani Temple , Sri Swayambu Temple, Shanti Mantapam, yoga Shala and Gho Shala.

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