About Simhachalam Temple Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh

About Simhachalam Temple

about simhachalam temple is the most attractive and interesting temple in the Locality of Visakhapatnam. It is located in the Visakhapatnam city in Andhra Pradesh, South India.

Simha” means lion and “Anchala means hill. Hence the temple is located at the top of the hill, so it is called as Simhachalam.History Of Simhachalam Temple The deity in the Temple, Lord Narasimha is the avatar of Lord Vishnu.


about the simhachalam temple


This Temple one of the eighteen “Narasimha Kshetras In India.it is very rich and well-kept temple in the architecture.  Earlier it was said that the queen once donated gold plating to cover the whole body of the Lord.

The deity of Lord Narasimha is about 2 1/2 feet high and the original shape of deity is in the form of tribhanga posture with the head of a lion on a human chest, thus makes it very unique Deity.Check More Updates Epic of Simhachalam Temple

about simhachalam temple Visakhapatnam :

about simhachalam temple priests in the temple apply the Candana daily on the Lord’s body to cool his anger.Timings And Special Poojas Simhachalam Temple This sandal wood powder will be removed once in a year during the Vaishaka which falls in the month of April / May.


about the simhachalam temple


The temple is crushed with crowed on those days to see the Lord. How To Reach Simhachalam Temple The god in the temple faces west, while the temple faces to east.

The architectural style of the temple is Kalinga architecture. As you approach to the temple the view of tall Gopurams and rich carving is very impressive. The Temple is built by the military commanders of Narasimha in the13th century. He also quilted Konark temple in Puri.


about the simhachalam temple


about the simhachalam temple temple is constructed with black granite and carved into the rocks. The temple has two perimeter walls everywhere. In the center of the outer attachment walls are Deities of Varaha (North), TriVikrama (South) and Narasimha (East).

Accommodation Facilities at Simhachalam Temple  Outside the deity room, the pillar called Kappam Stambham in the Mukja – Mandapam of the temple is decorated with cloth and surrounded by the silver plates with flower garlands. To the North of the temple, is encircled with the Kalyana Mandapam which has 96 complicatedly craved pillars.

about simhachalam temple pillar has many sculptures of Lord Narasimha and Vishnu avatars such as Matsya and Dhanvantari. As per the priests it was said that who visit this temple will benedict unfruitful persons to be blessed with offspring.

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