Accommodation in Bhimashankara Temple

 Accommodation in Bhimashankara Temple History of the Bhimashankara Temple – The Bhimashankara temple was constructed in architecture of Nagara Style which shows the Excellency of the talents. Also know about the Epic Story of BhimaShankara Temple. Are you looking for more information about Bhimashankara Temple come on have a look.

Accommodation in Bhimashankara Temple

There are no accommodation facilities provided by Temple. There are many private hotels and Resorts near Bhimashankara temple.


Accommodation in Bhimashankara Temple

These are the following Hotels near Bhimashankara temple.

  1. Ghodegaon – 45km from temple
  2. Manchar – 65km from Bhimashankar temple
  3. Natraj Hotel – 9km from the Bhimashankar temple

For the details of the hotel please contact:

Accommodation in Bhimashankara Temple

Pappu Vaikar – 09404070575

Ashok Nighot – 09960000663


  1. Piccadilly Country Club & Resort

22.6km from Bhimashankar temple

  1. Dr Modi’s Resort

27.2 from Bhimashankar temple

  1. Mohili Meadows Resort – 27.8 from Bhimashankar temple

If you are looking for the different Visiting Places near Bhimshankar, click here and if you are planning to visit here is the guide about How to reach the famous sixth jyothirling – BhimaShankara Temple and also about the different Pooja Timings in beautiful Bhimashankar Temple.

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