Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Pooja Timings, Darshan Timings

Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Pooja Timings and daily Sevas List

The Lord Sri Krishna will be worshipped 14 times in a day by Swamiji. This ritual will begin early in the morning and go till night. There is no change in these fourteen rituals from the past 800 years.


Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Daily Pooja Timings

The following are the list of fourteen rituals followed daily in the temple:

  1. Nirmalya Visarjana Pooja: This pooja is offered at 5-30 a.m.
  2. Ushakala Pooja: The Ushkala pooja is offered at 6:00 a.m
  3. Akshaya Patra-Gopuja: The Akshaya Patra gopooja is offered at 6-15 a.m.
  4. Vishwaroopa Darshana: The Vishwa Roopa darshan of Sri Krishna is available for devotees at 6-20 a.m.
  5. Panchamrit Abhisheka Pooja: The Panchamit Abhisheka is started at 6-30 a.m.
  6. Udvartana Pooja: The Udvartana pooja is offered at 7-00 a.m.
  7. Kalasha Puja: the Kalasha pooja with mint leaves is offered at 7-30 a.m.
  8. Teertha Puja: The Teertha pooja is started by 7-40 a.m.
  9. Alankara Puja: the Alankara pooja to Lord Sri Krishna is started by 8-30 a.m.
  10. Avasara Sanakadi Pooja: The avasara sanakadi pooja is offered at 10-30 a.m.
  11. Mahapuja: The Mahapuja is offered at 11-00 a.m.
  12. Chamara Seva: The Chamara seva is offered at 7-00 p.m.
  13. Ratri Pooja: The Ratri Pooja is offered at 7-30 p.m.
  14. Ranga Pooja: The ranga pooja will start by 7-40 p.m.
  15. Utsava Pooja: The Utsava Pooja to lord is offered at 8-00 p.m.
  16. Thottilu Pooja: The thottilu pooja is offered by 8-30 p.m.
  17. Kolalu Seva: The Kolalu seva is started by 8-40 p.m.
  18. Ekanta Seva: Final pooja to Lord Sri Krishna that is offered is Ekanta Seva by 8-50 p.m.


Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Darshan Timings:

Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Opening Time: 4:30 AM,

Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Closing Time: 9:30 PM

Udupi Temple Darshan Timings: 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM

  • Darshan duration: 30 to 45 mins during weekdays and 1 to 2 hours during weekends.

Festivals Celebrated In Krishna Temple:

The utsavas are the main and essential that will be performed in the


  1. Saptotsava:  The Saptotsav will start before 5 days to Vasantotsava.
  1. Vasantotsava: The Vasantotsava starts on Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada and ends on Vasantha Dwadashi.
  1. Krishna Leelotsava: This Krishna Leelotsava performed after Simha Masa, Krishnashtami. Here Lord Sri Krishna idol will be taken around the temple with the golden chariot.
  1. Laksha Deepotsava: In this Utsav, two chariots will be drawn every day from Kartika Shudha Dwadashi to the Full Moon day.


Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Sevas List:

The list of sevas offered to Lord Krishna in the Temple as given below.

  1. Paryaya Mangala
  2. Paryaya Prarambhotsava
  3. Akhanda Saptotsava:
  4. Santarathotsava
  5. Laksha Deepotsava
  6. Sri Krishna Jayantyutsava
  7. Swarna Rathotsava
  8. Brahma Rathotsava
  9. Vajra Kireeta Alankarotsava
  10. Vasanthotsava
  11. Rajatha Rathotsava
  12. Golden Mantapa Festival
  13. Garuda Rathotsava
  14. Golden Palanquin Festival
  15. Mahapuja Rathotsava
  16. Sarva Seva
  17. Annadaana
  18. Ksheeraabhisheka
  19. Nandadeepa of Ghee
  20. Nandadeepa of Oil
  21. Godaana
  22. Sahasranaamarchana
  23. Ashottaarchana
  24. Milk and butter offering
  25. Karpoora Mangalarathi
  26. Hastodaka to Sri Madhwa
  27. Pavamana Paarayana
  28. Vaayustuti Paarayana
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