Gangotri Temple Accommodation, Timings and Festivals

Are you looking for the Gangotri Temple Accommodation , Gangotri Temple opening and closing times Gangotri is one of the famous temples in India

do you know about the history of Gangotri. Let us give you the appropriate pooja information so that you never miss attending poojas in Gangotri temple and some data about the famous festivals celebrated here.

Gangotri Temple Opening And Closing Times

The temple opens by 6:15 a.m up to 2:00 p.m there is a break time, and the visitors are not allowed to the temple from 2:00-3:00 p.m. The temple will open from 3:00-9:30 p.m; the temple gets closed by 9:30 p.m.

Opening & Closing Date Of Gangotri Temple 2020

The Gangotri temple will open on 26 April 2020 with a special pooja of Ganga inside the temple at 12:35 p.m. Usually, and the temple will open on Akshaya Tritya which will is on last week of April or first week of May.

The Gangotri temple will close on 15 November 2020 that is next day of Diwali. After performing pooja in a row of oil lamps, pandits closes the Gangotri temple.

Best Time To Visit Gangotri Temple

Some of the famous places to visit around Gangotri is must to know and to enjoy the views so check the link(internal link). The best seasonal times to visit Gangotri temple is as given below


Don’t worry about the Gangotri trip in summer the maximum temperature there is 30C and the nights are too cold. The summers in Gangotri starts in April and ends in May, a trip to Gangotri temple in summers is a big yes.  


The Monsoon in Gangotri starts in July and lasts up to September. Its not that recommended Visiting Gangotri temple in this time as there occur heavy rainfalls. So, the users can’t enjoy the experience of trekking.


The winters in Gangotri starts in November and lasts up to March. The place is all covered in snow which is a bit hefty process to travel in these times. So, better to avoid visiting in these days as it’s too freezing and chill.

Aartis At Gangotri Temple

The list of aarti at Gangotri temple is as given below

Aarti Name Timings
Gangotri Mangala Aarti 6:00 A.M
Sandhya Aarti 7:45 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

Festivals Celebrated In Gangotri Temple

The list of festivals that celebrated in the Gangotri temple is as given below and do check out about the Gangotri temple history and architecture

Ganga Dussehra

This festival celebrated in the month of May-June that is the month of Jyeshta according to the Hindu calendar. Ganga Dussehra celebrated for ten days. It’s believed by all the devotees, by offering prayers to goddess Ganga in these days they get free from 10 mortal sins. On these ten days, the  Acharyas offers Ganga aarti, sing kirtans, bhajans and offers some devotional songs to goddess Ganga. To watch Dussehra at Gangotri temple is a lifetime goal for devotes.

Diwali at Gangotri

Diwali is one of the impressive festivals celebrated in Gangotri after this festival the temple closes for a particular time as it’s all covered in snow and the idol of goddess Ganga moved to Mukhyamath temple. The temple has the spiritual and colourful light all over on the night of Diwali.

 Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya celebrated in April to May, Akshaya Tritiya also called as Akha Teej, and the temple reopens on this day by offering poojas to river Gangotri and the idol of goddess Gangotri will get back to its original state from Mukhyamath temple.

Kanwar Yatra

Kanwar yatra celebrated in mid-July, on this time all the Kanwarians will go yatra to Haridwar and Gaumukh. It’s believed that the Kanwar yatra celebrated at this time as lord Shiva gulped the poison at the time of Sagara Madanam.

Magh Mela

Magh Mela celebrated at the times of Makara Sankranthi. The Uttarkashi people organize various events, and many traders take part in the exchange of goods and services.

Accommodation Nearby Gangotri Temple

Before searching for the rooms, let us inform about the easy and possible routes to reach Gangotri temple. The resorts and the hotels that are near to the Gangotri temple is as given below

Prakriti-The Retreat

Prakriti is in a distance of 14.6km from the temple, and the cost is of 8,968 rupees.

Shanti Kunjh

Shanti Kunj is a distance of 47km from Uttarkashi, which is a cottage type but provides all the facilities like a restaurant.

Hotel Gangaputra

Gangaputra is in a distance of 34.5km from Gangotri temple. This temple located is in 1431km from Mumbai airport

Dayara Resort

The dayara resort located near dayara bugyal, which is a distance 37 km to the temple, this is at a distance of 1428km from the Mumbai airport.

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