History of Guruvayur Temple,kerala

History of Guruvayur Temple

history of guruvayur temple the Guruvayur temple is called as “Bhooloka Vaikunta”, the deity worshipped hear is around 5000 years old and the main idol was installed by Brihaspati and Vayu. About The Famous Temple Guruvayur This temple is built by Vishwakarma the divine architect.How To Reach Famous Temple Guruvayur Over a year, guruvaryu increased with popularity especialy after 16th century it became one of the most popular temple in Kerala.


History of Guruvayur Temple


history of guruvayur temple glory of Guruvayur was revealed by Dattatreya to king Janamejaya, the son of parikshit, according to the sage, the idol was orginaly worshipped by Narayana of Guruvayur Guruvayur Great Temple in Kerala.

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According to the past history Guruvayur is found in a 14th century with Tamil work “Kokasandesam” and it is called as Kuruvayur.


History of Guruvayur Temple


we can see many works as referances about Guruvayoor in early 16th century .But Melpathur’s Narayana who made the temple famous Click more updates Visiting Place in Guruvayur

There are many different Prominent Detail Timings of Pujas in The Guruvayur Temple

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