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Interesting Epic behind the great Temple Guruvayur 

interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur according to the Legends, the epic exists from the snowy past of Dwapara when Lord Krishna was alive. About The Famous Temple Guruvayur Vasudeva and Devaki were parents of Lord Krishna. Both were the great devotes of Lord Vishnu for long years.

After attentively pursues him from many births.  The Lord Vishnu appears in front of them and promised them that he would be born to them as their son for three lives in sequence Check more Accommodations Details in Guruvayur Temple.

interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur


interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur promised them setting free at the end of these three births. This was there  last birth as Devaki and Vasudeva in the family of the Yadavs in the city of Mathura and Krishna was born to them as eighth son.

The idol which was in the Guruvayoor is one which had been praised by Devaki and Vasudeva and we easily identify that it also been worshiped by Lord Krishna himself. Vishnu himself had performed puja in his personification as Krishna. This is the glory and greatness of the idol.

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interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur Kerala:

At the end of his earthly break, Krishna prophesied to his friend and devotee called Uddhava that the island of Dwaraka would be sweep away by the sea. After seven days he left his human body and instructed him to save the precious idol of Vishnu which was worshipped by his parents and hand over it the Brihaspati, the guru of god.


interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur


As predict by Lord Krishna, after seven day the island flooded in the sea. Uddhava was very sad by seeing the idol bobbing up and down in the water at the seashore and he bagged the wind god (vayu) to bring the idol close to him. History of Guruvayur Temple The wind drifted gently to the shore and Uddhava picked it up affectionately and cradled it in his arms.

interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur  he was thinking how to approach guru of the god, the guru Brihaspati himself approaches to him and he agrees to take the idol who knows about whole story and install it at some special place.

Brihaspati asked Vayu to move him through the air so that they could choose a perfect place for the installation of idol. In the search of it they reached across the sub – continent of Indian till they came almost to sea shore to the spot where the present town of Guruvayoor.

Brihaspati saw aattractive lake filled with lotus on the bank of the lake where Shiva and Parvati were dancing. He requested Vayu to float him down and he was spellbound by seeing couple dance.

interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur
After finishing the dance Brihaspati went to them are begged for the spot to install the Vishnu idol. Lord Shiva advised him this was really the ideal place tobuild the temple How To Reach Famous Temple Guruvayur.

Lord shiva told to build the temple at one end of the lake where he and Parvathi had been dancing and he generously said that he will take up the residence to other end of the lake which was called as Rudrathrita. Still today we can see the temple Mammiyoor where Lord Shiva shifted.


interesting epic behind the great temple guruvayur


The word Guruvayoor has special meaning as it is divided in two words called “guru” and “Vayu”. Guru means preceptor and Vayu means wind. The Vishnu idol was installed by Brihaspati the guru of god and Vayu the god of wind. Hence it is called as Guru-Vayoor!

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