Konark Sun Temple Timings, History and How to Reach

Konark Sun Temple – The combination of Sanskrit word Kona and the Sun (Ark) is called the Konark. In the Sanskrit meaning of Kona is Corner and the word Ark means Sun. This temple was dedicated to Sun God Surya it was located in the village of Konark, which is 35 kilometers north on the coast of Bay of Bengal. It is the best-known tourist destination in Orissa and is recognized as a World Heritage site since 1984.

Every Historical place teaches us something, each time we know about them it feels very proud to be an Indian. Based on the Brahmin beliefs this temple was built in the 13th century by King Narasimhadeva and dedicated to Sun God Surya. The son of Lord Krishna, samba got the Idea to build a temple to the Sun because he cured his disease called leprosy.

The temple construction and the way they designed were simply out of imagination and looks like a miracle. Every inch of the temple looks so attractive and gives very peace of mind. The entire time in the form of the chariot of Surya is drawn by seven horses. The main adorable is twelve pairs of wheels located at the bases of the temple. The wheels are not normal they speak about the sundial.

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The most unique feature of the temple is the presence of an Iron plate in between every two stones. The qualified iron material had used to construct the higher floors of the temple.

Because the temple was to the God Surya, the structure of the temple was constructed in the way the shore of the first rays of the rising sun directly on the main entry through a 360-degree rotational magnet. Every day the first ray from the sun could cross the Nata Mandir and get reflected just at the center of the Idol. The Diamond was positioned in the middle of the idol in the main sanctum.

In the entrance to the temple designed with huge lions on either side of the entrance. Each lion resembles the crushing an elephant, under each elephant lies on the human body. Whereas a lion represents pride and the elephant represents money.

In ancient days people love to adore their buildings, every single piece of the Konark temple was covered with sculpture consisting of deities, dancers, scenes of life at court, etc.

To visit the Konark temple know the timing then you can reach within that time and praise god. This temple available every day from 6 am and closed at 8 Pm, the visitors can visit the temple during this period.

The temple maintains the entry fee for the Indians ticket cost of Rs 30 and for the Foreigners to visit they have to pay the cost of Rs 250 per head. To the children up to the age of 15 years no fee for them to enter the temple.

The special features about Konark temple:

Normal and routine visitors are allowed like other Hindu temples

The couples who don’t have children can get a hope to become parents- have to spend 21 days in the Konark temple, Both morning and evening the couples who hope to become parents have to do pradakshanas around the temple.

Every day around 7 pm to 8 pm light and sound show will be conducted inside the temple premises to join in that you have to pay the Rs 30 per head

The famous Festivals at the Konark temple are Chandrabhag mela in February, Konark dance Festival in between 1-5th of December every year.

Near to the temple, there is a pleasant beach Chandrabhaga Sea Beach in just 3 Km away.

The traveling facilities to reach the temple safely without sophisticated.

  • The nearest airport was located at Bhuvaneshwar 64 km distance to reach the temple
  • If you won’t travel through the train Puri Railway station which located 31 km away from t reach
  • If traveling by bus, available at Puri bus stand distance will be of 35 km to reach.

The visitors are provided with wireless headphones and they have a choice between 3 languages English, Hindi and Odiya the ticket price was 30 and it was a 1-hour program.

If you want to stay there for a few days while visiting, Pantha Nivas run by OTDC is a good choice, you can also stay at Surya Inn or Lotus Hotel 1.3 k away from the temple, the Temple hotel which is near to bus stand and only 1km or Resort Konark which is just 8 km from the temple.

There are several beautiful things to do in puri such as visiting the Chandrabhaga Beach and offering prayers at Varahi Devi temple and watching Konark Natya Mandap.

The Address for Konark Temple:

Konark Sun Temple, Odisha 752111.


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