Sevas And Pooja’s Of TTD Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala

Sevas And Pooja’s TTD

Sevas And Pooja’s TTD Sevas are offered on daily weekly and periodical basis.  A detailed study provided below for daily & weekly pujas offered to Lord during the festival time, that are categories as weekly pujas. Check More Epic Story Of TTD Venkateswara Temple


Daily Sevas

Check More Information History of TTD Venkateswara Temple

  • Monday Visesha Puja : ‘Chaturdasa Kalasa Visesha Puja’ mean 14 Kalasas are used for this puja to give bath to the lord. Elements used for this puja are Gingerly oil, Ghee, Akshatas(Holy grain rice), Milk, Curd, Panchagavya & Darbha. Seven other vessels possess Sudhodaka (Pure water).
Day & Seva Reporting & Seva Time Cost & Persons no.
Monday – Visesha Pooja 6.45am & 7.30am 600/- per person
  • Tuesday Astadala : also known as ‘Pada Paamaaradhana’ started in 1984. ‘Dhupa-arti stick’ and Deepa – lamp that is lighted is offered to the lord, chanting the divine names 108 in number showering golden lotus on Padas(Feet) of the Lord. Followed by puja to Goddess Lakshmi & Parvathi, continues Ratha seva and many more.
Day & Seva Reporting & Seva Time Cost & Persons no.
Tuesday – AstaPada Paamaaradhana  

5.00am & 6.00am


Rs.1250/- per person

  • Wednesday, Sahasra Kalasbhishekam : Seva of ‘ Sahasra Kalasa Abhishekam’ offered to Sri Bhoga Srinivas Murthi-silver idol replica of Mula Virat. Puja at the Bangari Vakili (Golden Door). Involving a silver rod ties from one end of the door to the feet of Mula Virat, which offers prayers to both the Lords on the same day.Click More How To Reach Tirupati Balaji Temple


Sevas And Pooja's TTD


Day & Seva Reporting & Seva Time Cost & Persons no.
Wednesday & Sahasra Kalasbhishekam  

5.00am  & 6.00am


Rs.850/- per person

  • Thursday, Tiruppavada Seva: day of dressing the Lord with all ornaments and Flowers etc., and especially viewing the eyes on the main deity which is not usually seen on other days.
Day & Seva Reporting & Seva Time Cost & Persons no.
Thursday & Tiruppavada Seva  

5.00am & 6.15am


Rs.850/- per person

  • Thursday, Poolangi Seva: Day of decorating the Lord with lovely adorable flowers, creating fragrance of piece than the usual. This is offered after the Suddhi(Cleaning of temple) etc., Introduced Poolangi Seva seen in Silappadikaram in Tamil classic, during period of 756 A.D
  • Friday, Abhishekam : After the usual daily starts done in privacy, abhishekam is followed. Done with the water brought from Akasa Ganga Theertham, Milk, Sudhodakam, Chandanam (Sandle wood) and other perfumed but natural materials.


Sevas And Pooja's TTD


Day & Seva Reporting & Seva Time Cost & Persons no.
Friday & Abhishekam 3.00am & 3.30am Rs.750/- per person
Civet Vessel 3.00am & 3.30am 300/- Per person
Musk Vessel 3.00am & 3.30am 150/- Per person
Nijapada Darsanam 3.00am & 5.30am 200/- per person
Vastralankara Seva 3.00am & 3.30am 12250/- Couple

Entry for Special Darshans

Sevas And Pooja’s TTD To create an easy to the devotees who are elder or ones who can afford the cost few special darshans were introduced.Click More About TTD Venkateswara Temple


Sevas And Pooja's TTD


  • Seeghra Darshanam (Special Entry Darshanam) had its introduction in year 2009 end, which is a quick Darshanm for devotees.
    • Cost: Rs. 300/- per head.
    • Timing: 9.00am to 3.00pm (Slots can be booked)
  • Advance Booking service introduced in w.e.f , 2014.

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