Visiting Places Near KanakaDurga Temple Vijayawada

Visiting places near kanaka durga temple

Visiting places near kanaka durga temple Know about the History of Kanaka Durga Temple and its greatness. Jagdguru aadi shankaracharya observed that malleswara swamy was in very bad condition then he re-installed the deity in northern part to the temple of durga. Also know about the Epic story of Kanaka Durga Temple.


Visiting places near kanaka durga temple


Planning to visit Kanaka durga then here are the details about How to reach Kanaka Durga Temple before starting chat the name of goddness.  Along with that you can also book Accommodation in Kanaka Durga Temple in advance. There are different Seva’s and Pooja’s at Kanakadurga Temple are performed. Click here to know more about kanaka durga temple.

Penuganchiprolu – sri laxmi tirupati amma temple

Vedadri – lord nara simha swamy temple

Hamsala devi – lord venu gopala swamy temple and here is where Krishna enters in to the bay ofbengal sea

Mangalagiri – nara simha swamy temple

Amaravathi- lord shiva

Kotappakonda – lord shiva

Pedha kaakani – lord shiva

Yenamalakuduru – lord shiva

Prakasam barrage – night vision


Visiting places near kanaka durga temple


Krishna river – boating

Srikakulam (Krishna dist) – Andhra maha Vishnu temple (4th century BC)

Kondapalli – 15th century fort of vijayanagara dynasty and thermal power station

Caves – undavalli caves & mogalrajapuram caves

Vijayawada – city of Vijayawada has many things to see mainly BABAI HOTEL food which is famous all over state.

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