About Kanipakam Temple

About Kanipakam Temple  History of the Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple – The idol of Kanipakam is known as the up – holder of truth. By taking ‘oath’ in kanipakam all the disputes of the people are resolved. People will take divine dip in the temple tank and insist before the lord.it is a gospel truth. The Epic story of Kanipakam Temple is very great.


About Kanipakam Temple

About Kanipakam Temple

About Kanipakam Temple are examples when person committed a sin then they voluntarily agrees as soon as they had the dip in the water and before entering the temple itself. The Lord lawns invisibly on the sinner and makes him apologize to his mistakes and feel guilty for his sinful activities. In Kanipakam Major Festival Celebrated in Kanipakam along with that also know about the Seva’s & Pooja timings of Kanipakam Temple.

If you are planning to visit Kanipakam know about how to reach Kanipakam Temple also know about the different Visiting Places near Kanipakam.

We can see different temple in the kanipakam like

Sri Manikanteswara Swamy Temple (Shivalayam)

Sri Varda Raja Swamy Devasthanam

Sri Hanuman temple

Sri parvathi amma temple


About Kanipakam Temple

The myth behind Bahuda [Baahuda] River

There were two brothers called Sankha and Likhita. They were on a journey to Kanipakam.

As the journey was exhausting, the younger brother Likhita felt hungry by ignoring the advice of the elder brother he plucked a mango from the mango grove.


About Kanipakam Temple


Sankha felt bad and conveyed this to the leader of that area and begged for punishment for the immorality committed during the journey. Thus Likhita was punished strictly being dispossessed of both arms.

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