About Lepakshi Temple,Anantapur Andhra Pradesh

About Lepakshi temple

About Lepakshi temple How to reach Lepakshi Temple are you searching for this? we will help you about the complete details of Lepakshi along that the details of Accommodation at Lepakshi Temple. Lepakshi Temple which was one of the famous one for its rich Architectural beauty and for different fine arts. History of the Lepakshi Temple is very great from the ancient times. Also know about the Epic where the Epic story of Lepakshi temple is quite interesting.

About Lepakshi temple

About Lepakshi temple

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Lepakshi is one of the famous temples with rich architectural beauty and good arts. The Lepakshi temple is situated in Ananthapur district.

The carving on stones of the temple is so attractive which shows the talent of the Sculptors. In this temple it consists of 6 ft. height and 8 mt. length huge “Nandi” (the bull). It is biggest “Nandi” in India.




We can visit Lepakshi as a tourism place and as well as pilgrimage in south India. It is located between Hindupur and Kodikonda check post.

There will be festival celebration for 10 days during the month of February which will be associated by the temple in those days the temple is filled with all visitors from all over the country.

This temple is also called as Veerabhadra temple and the style of the architecture reflect the Vijayanagar style.

The beautiful Lepakshi temple is divided into three parts – The “Mukha Mandapa”, the “Artha Mandapa”, (“Garbha Griha”) and the “Kalyana Mandapa”.

The beauty of the statues in the Natya and Kalyana Mandapam are outstanding. This status will signifies the mythological Puranic events like ‘Narada’, Chaturmukha Bramha’, ‘Dattatreya’, Ananthasayana’, ‘Rambha’ and ‘Tumguru’.

We can see the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati in the Kalayana Mandapam. And the statues oh ‘Natya’ (Dancing) and ‘Ardha’ (worship) will show the wonderful art of the sculptors in terms of architecture.


lapakshi dancing hall


About Lepakshi temple

Worth of the temple:

About Lepakshi temple temple is approval with all three sparkles and with a central tower. This tower is further connected with a hall for ritual dances. The temple has a large open court which has east surroundings where we can easily reach to the main hall.

Lepakshi temple consists of large uniform structure of Nagalinga in India. As we enter in to second interior court you find wonderful statue of Lord Ganesha which arrests everyone attraction.


About Lepakshi temple

About Lepakshi temple


The crow inside the temple is remarkable statues in half- release on the stonework pillar. The carvings of the temple are enlisted with dancers, musicians and drummers and also you can see Lord Brahma playing drums and many more.

About Lepakshi temple find the huge painting of virabhardra in the center of the hall. In the Dance Hall we can see the trace of eight panels which illustrating Puranic legends on the celling.


lepakshi ceiling

About Hanging Pillar

Lepakshi Temple is famous for one more engineering miracle called Hanging Temple. Among the 70 stone pillars, one pillar which hangs from the ceiling.it is honor of engineering intellect of ancient and old Indian’s temple builder

You can see the base of the pillar does not rest on ground fully and we can pass the thin objects like piece of cloth, paper from one side to other.

The reason behind the pillar is that during the British ear the engineer tries to move it in an ineffective attempt to disclose the secret of its support. it is bit disclosed from the original position.


lapashi piller

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