How to Reach Lepakshi Temple by Bus, Train and Air

How to reach Lepakshi temple by Bus, Train and Air

There are many different facilities to reach the Lepakshi temple and choose the best suites for you to have a comfortable and safe journey to reach your destination.

How to reach famous and beautiful Lepakshi temple

Below are the options to choose:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Air
  • Taxi

How to Lepakshi Temple by Bus:

There are several state and private buses to Hindupur; from there, the tourists can select an option for local Taxi or Bus to reach the Lepakshi temple.

Hindupur Bus Stand

How to Lepakshi temple by Train:

The Hindupur railway station is the nearest railway station to Lepakshi temple. It is all about 12 Km from the railway to Lepakshi temple, and the distance can easily cover by the taxi available option outside the railway station.

Hindupur railway station

Since the Lepakshi doesn’t have the railway station, the nearest station is Hindupur, a distance gap of 12 Km to reach the temple. The train available from all over the states are listed below:

How to reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore by Train – Check below Train Timings, running from Bangalore

Lepakshi Temple Hindupur Train Timings From Bangalore, Hyderabad, Tirpuati and Chennai

Train Name/No Train available days Arrival Duration Reach Duration Destination Point
YPR Garib Rath/ 12735 Tuesday,



5:24 AM 5:25 AM Hindupur
SC Garib Rath/12736 Monday,



9:01 AM 9:02 AM Hindupur
Puri YPR G Rath/ 22883 Friday 5:19 PM 5:20 PM Hindupur
Puri Garib Rath/22884 Saturday 00:23 AM 00:25 AM Hindupur
Coimbatore EXP/11013 Daily 4:28 PM 4:30 PM Hindupur
Lokamanya Tt EXP/11014 Daily 4:09 PM 4:10 PM Hindupur
GKP YPR EXP/15015 Monday 6:56 AM 6:58 AM Hindupur
YPR Gorakpur EX/15016 Thursday 9:49 Am 9:50 AM Hindupur
MYS Snsi EXP/16217 Monday 10:14 AM 10:15 AM Hindupur
Snsi Mys EXP/16218 Tuesday 00:14 AM 00:15 AM Hindupur
Trivandram EXP/ 16331 Monday 8:18 AM 8:20 AM Hindupur
Mumbai EXP/ 16332 Saturday 11:29 PM 11:30 PM Hindupur
Nagarcoil EXP/16339 Wednesday,




8:18 AM 8:20 Am Hindupur
Mumbai EXP/16340 Monday,

Tuesday, 17 March 2020 Wednesday,


11:29 Pm 11:30 Pm Hindupur
Adi Ypr EXP/ 16501 Tuesday 2:18 AM 2:20 AM Hindupur
Ahmadabad/16502 Sunday 3:08 PM 3:10 PM Hindupur
Udyan EXP/16529 Daily 5:48 AM 5:50 AM Hindupur
Udyan EXP/16530 Daily 10:25 PM 10:26 Pm Hindupur
Hampi EXp/16591 Daily 3:22 AM 3:23 AM Hindupur
Hampi EXP/16592 Daily 00:03 AM 00:05 Am Hindupur
Ned Sbc EXP/16593 Daily 1:58 AM 2:00 AM Hindupur
Sbc Nanded EXP/16594 Daily 1:04 AM 1:05 AM Hindupur
Coimbatore EXP/ 16613 Sunday 2:18 PM 2:20 PM Hindupur
Rajkot EXP/ 16614 Thursday 9:49 AM 9:50 AM Hindupur
Kondaveedu EXP/17211 Monday,



7:14 AM 7:15 Am Hindupur
Kondaveedu EXP/17212 Tuesday, Wednesday,


4:19 PM 4:20 PM Hindupur
Basava EXP/ 17307 Daily 7:14 PM 7:15 PM Hindupur
Basava EXP/ 17308 Daily 7:24 AM 7:25 PM Hindupur
Kcg Ypr EXP/17603 Daily 7:58 AM 8:00 SM Hindupur
Kacheguda EXP/17604 Daily 5:03 PM 5:05 PM Hindupur
Prasanthi EXP/18463 Daily 9:09 AM 09:10 AM Hindupur
Prasanthi EXP/ 18464 Daily 3:59 PM 4:00 PM Hindupur
Vivek EXP/19567 Sunday 1:04 PM 1:05 PM Hindupur
Vivek EXP/ 19568 Thursday 2:18 PM 2:20 PM Hindupur
Gkp Ypr EXP/1591 Saturday 2:18 AM 2:20 AM Hindupur
Gorakhpur EXp/12592 Monday 4:39 PM 4:40 PM Hindupur
Karnataka EXP/12627 Daily 9:14 PM 9:15 PM Hindupur
Karnataka EXP/12628 Daily 11:03 AM 11:04 AM Hindupur
Bangalore EXP/12785 Daily 3:56 AM 3:57 AM Hindupur
Kongu EXP/ 12647 Sunday 1:12 AM 1:13 AM Hindupur
Kongu Exp/12648 Wednesday 10:18 PM 10:20 PM Hindupur
Kacheguda EXP/12786 Daily 8:23 PM 8:24 AM Hindupur
Jaipur EXP/12975 Thursday,


3:09 PM 3:10 PM Hindupur
Jp Mysore EXP/12976 Monday,


10:13 AM 10:15 AM Hindupur
Shirdi EXP/22601 Wednesday 5:14 PM 5:15 PM Hindupur
Snsi Chennai EXP/22602 Friday 2:18 AM 2:20 AM Hindupur
Yesavntapur- Vijayawada passenger/56503 Daily 10:28 AM 10:30 AM Hindupur
Yesavntapur- Vijayawada passenger/56504 Daily 1:46 PM 1:47 PM Hindupur
Bangalore Hindupur EXP/56523 Daily 1:35 PM Ends Hindupur
Guntakal Hindupur EXP/ Daily 9:10 Pm Ends Hindupur
Kcg Sbc Special/07685 Saturday 9:48 AM 9:50 AM Hindupur
Gkp Sbc EXP/-2591 Saturday 2:28 AM 2:30 AM Hindupur
Kacheguda EXP Monday 3:28 PM 2:30 PM Hindupur
Kcg Sbc SPL/0703 Sunday 9:44 AM 9:46 AM Hindupur
Krba Ypr Spl/0682 Saturday 11:35 AM 11:37 AM Hindupur
Udyan EXP/11301 Daily 5:48 AM 5:50 AM Hindupur
Udyan EXP/11302 Daily 8:29 AM 8:30 AM Hindupur
Ypr Kcg EXP/16569 Monday,

Wednesday,  Friday

4:18 PM 4:20 PM Hindupur
Kcg Ypr EXP/16570 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 00:13 AM 00:15 AM Hindupur
Bidr Ypr EXP/16572 Monday,



5:24 AM 5:25 AM Hindupur
Ypr Lko EXP/22683 Monday 1:12 AM 1:13 AM Hindupur
Lko Ypr Superfast/22684 Thursday 12:03 AM 12:05 AM Hindupur

How to Reach Lepakshi Temple By Air:

The nearest Airport to the Lepakshi temple is Bangalore International Airport, which occupies 100km need to travel after reaching the Bangalore Airport.

It is quite expensive to spend, and this can choose to save their time, and most can use high-level people and celebrities.

From the Bangalore airport, the candidates are available with a bunch of Taxi’s direct to the Lepakshi Temple.

Bangalore international airport

The below is the Airport’s overall India to reach Bangalore and then Lepakshi Temple:

From City To City Single Ticket cost
Chennai Bangalore Rs. 2,892
Hyderabad Bangalore Rs. 2,985
Mumbai Bangalore Rs. 3,265
New Delhi Bangalore Rs. 5,494
Kolkata Bangalore Rs. 6,904

The local Transport System:

The local Buses and Taxi are the best options to reach the Lepakshi temple.

Note: Wise in planning the trip to Lepakshi temple; due to overheating, it’s better to visit during the winter session and explore the beauty of every particular category.

If you want to stay and visit the Lepakshi temple know the details of Accommodation at Lepakshi Temple. There are many different Visiting places near Lepakshi Temple

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