About Padmanabhaswamy Temple,Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

About Padmanabhaswamy Temple

About Padmanabhaswamy Temple Proper Name of the Temple – Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Epic Story Of Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Location – Country : Inida

State : Kerala

City : Thiruvananthapuram

God Worshiped – Prime Deity Vishnu

Temple Architecture – Dravidian Architecture

Style of Architecture – Kovil (Residence of lord)


About Padmanabhaswamy Temple


History Of Travancore Royal Family temple is built in ‘Dravidian Style’ of structuring and architecture. The height of the temple featuring tall walls along with 16th Century Gopuram. The ‘Moolasthanam’ of temple is of Ananthapuram Temple located at Kasargod, which is to certain extant the replica of Adikesava Perumal Temple at kanyakumari District.

In the history of Hindu temples Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the richest temple in the world in terms of gold and precious stones. The lord Vishu is positioned in ‘Anantha Sayanam’ posture which is a perpetual  ‘Yoga Sleepon Serprnt Adisheshan’.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy is under the tutelary deity of ‘Family Of Royal Travancore’. The trustee of temple was Maharaja Moolam Thirunal Rama Varma of Travancore as Sree Padmanabhadasa, who was the slave of Lord Padmanabha.Check More Information Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy 

Note: For temple entry one needs to have faith in Hinduism and have to stringently follow the dress code.

Architecture & Structuring of the Temple:


About Padmanabhaswamy Temple


The temple Gopuram was made in ‘Pandyan Style’, which is 100 foot of height. The establishment of the Gopuram was laid down in 1566.

Padmanabhaswamy temple and Padma Theertham (Lotus spring) are adjacent to one another. Standing out of the Masterpieces by architect Vishwakarma Sthapathis, the elegant cravings was made on a one quarter of granite-stone pillar, and the temple has got 365 corridors. The corridor pulled out from the eastern end to the main shrine .Visiting Places Near Padmanabhaswamy Temple

A staff flag of 80 feet stands out in the primary entry door form the closed precincts of Temple known as ‘Prakaram’.

‘Nataka Sala’  is the major entrance in the eastern end at the ground floor which is under the Gopuram. Where “kathakali’ is the major dance form, performed in Meenam & Thulam months of Malayalam Calender.

Chanber B/Valult B:

About Padmanabhaswamy Temple temple as mentioned is the richest temple in the world. Out of the 6 vaults of temple, chamber B/ Kallara B is strongly  related to Lord Sree Padmanabha. According to the treasury department, this chamber is not a part of its treasury.

Rumours – The out most Kallar B ante-chamber was unlocked in the year 1931, which was done on the orders of Maharaja Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma.

Lord Ugra Narshima is trusted to be the guarding the Vault B.

A serpent image is also seen on the chamber B, which superstitious mentions the threat behind the vault.Visiting Places Near Padmanabhaswamy Temple .Check More How To Reach Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Assets of temple:

About Padmanabhaswamy Temple


  • About Padmanabhaswamy Temple mention previously, the temple has 6 chambers known as Kallaras (Vaults) tagged A – F. This labelling was done for the purpose of court records.
  • Chambers C to F are opened every now and then, for items which are stored in them for regular use and again kept them back later.
  • But, chambers A & B are locked till date.
  • The curators of the chambers C-F are priest of the temple ‘Periya Nambi’ and ‘Thekkedathu Nambi’.

It is reported that following are the assets of lord Padamabha Swamy Temple which were found,

  • Three and an half feet idol of Mahavishnu, which is solid and pure gold. And is studded with rubies and diamonds.
  • 500kg weight of gold Sheaf
  • Gold Chain of 18 foot long found

About Padmanabhaswamy Temple


  • Sarappalli‘ chain numbering 1200 which are embraced with various precious stones
  • Articles of gold found in several sacks along with, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires. Many more made of valuable metals and emerals.
  • In the investigation in the year 2012, lakhs of gold coins belonging to Roman Empire were found at Kottayam in Kannur District.
  • According to CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) in year 2014 announcer the opening of Chamber A.
  • This chamber consisted of 800kg hoard of gold coins, of 200 B.C. Each coin worth of 2.70 crores.
  • A golden throne, encrusted with hundreds of precious stone and diamonds. This was meant as a seat for 18 foot long Deity.
  • As recorded of several more gold crowns adorned with valuable stones and diamonds. Hundreds of Gold pots, jars and chains were found in the chamber A and the antechambers present in it.

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