Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabhaswamy ,Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy

Main idol of worship of the deity

Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy Describing the main idol of Lords History Of Travancore Royal Family

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  • Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy main idol of the lord was positioned on ‘Adi Sesha’ e., ‘Serpent Anantha (ON Religious Serpant). Give hoods of the serpent were seen covering inwards, which specifies meditation  posture.

Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy

  • Lords Right arm is seen placed on the Siva Lingam.
  • Sridevi- Lakshmmi (Goddess of Prosperity) & Bhudevi (The Goddess of Earth) the two wives are seen on the side of the lord Vishnu.
  • Lord Bhrama appears / dedicates himself as lotus which originates from the navel of Lord Vishnu.
  • The lord is made out of 12,000 saligramams, when the saligramams were brought from the bank of ‘Gandaki River’ which is in Nepal. In this regards to honour them in traditional rituals which were performed in Pashupatinath Temple.


  • As a superstition and to keep the lord clean, the idol of the lord is coated / covered in ‘Katusarkara Yogam’ which means a exceptional ayurvedic mixture pasted around the lord.
  • The podiums which are seen in from of vimanam and also where the deity is observed in rest position are made with a single immense This is called ‘Ottakkal-Mandapam’. For this the rock was brought for Tirumala. During the rule of Marthanda Varma (1706-58).

Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy
Darshan of the Lord through 3 doors

To perform ritual to the lord and have a darshan, devotees need to go through the ‘Mandapam’. As studied earlier the lord is seen in three different doors.Check More Epic Story Of Padmanabhaswamy Temple

  • The Shiva lingam’s which are under the hands of lord and Visage of reclining lord are seen all the way through the first door.

Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy


  • Through the second door we observe –
    • Sridevi and Divakara Muni in Katusarkara
    • Brahma as a lotus emerged through the lords navel (Lord Padmanabha)
    • Gold idol’s (Moorthies) of deities Padmabha, Bhudevi and Sridevi
    • Silver utsav Idol of lord
  • In the third door we observe Lords feet, Bhudevi plus Kaundinya Muni.

Note: Only the Travancore Kingsis allowed to give a Sashtanga Namaskaram (Offering prayer with complete laying down posture)  or ‘Ottakkal Mandapam’.
Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy actually means that anyone who lies in this postures in the Mandapam gives up themselves completely along with all that he possesses.

Other important places of Worship inside the temple:

There are two other important places inside the temple namely ‘Thekkedom and Thiruvambadi‘, intended for divine beings of Ugra Narasimha and Krishna Swami honourably.Check More Visiting Places Near Padmanabhaswamy Temple

  • Thiruvambadi Shrine
  • The idol of this lord possesses its own namaskara mandapam, it is place for pioneering lord Padmanabha, and is an independent idol with flag mast and Bali stones.

Thiruvambadi Shrine

  • This Lord is known as Parthasarathi and is a celestial charioteer of Arjuna
  • This idol is made of Granite and brought from Gujarat. This is in standing posture with two arms, where one arm is seen holding a wisp and the other arm which is resting on the thigh holding conch which is close to it.
  • On the day of celebration, the lord is cladded and adorned as Mohini avatar.
  • There are other shrines which are dedicated to lord Rama who is accompanied by Lakshmana, Sita and Hanuman, Vyasa, Ganapati, Kshetrapala and Sasta. And also Vishwaksena (Obstacle remover and Lord Vishnu’s Nirmalyadhari).
  • In the Valiya Balikkal area lord Garuda and Hanuman stand in folded hands.
  • The Royal family idols of ‘Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma’ plus ‘Uthradom thirunal Marthanda Varma’ are place towards the south east area of the temple.

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