About TTD Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala

About TTD Temple

About TTD Temple A space/ Structure premeditated to pull in human beings and Gods together, is inundated by symbolism to indulge the ideology and credence’s of Hinduism. History of TTD Venkateswara Temple To give an expression on this, in the ancient times Vedic Traditions temples have created their place with all the elements relating to Hinduism.


About TTD Temple


That include representing Good, Human & Evil, essences of Life etc. In Sanskrit they are symbolically represented as Kama, Dharma, Moksa, Karma and Artha.Check More Information Epic Story Of TTD Venkateswara Temple

India is Incredible and famous for its temple architecture/structures additionally for the stories behind them.

About TTD Temple

In this regards let us have a detailed study on many of the temples in South India one-by-one. Firstly Titumala Tirupati Devasthanam an ancient architecture and historical legacy behind its story.


About TTD Temple

  • Varadaaja Temple

A Subshrine of Venkateswara temple in Trumala, that is Varadaraja Swamy epitome of Lord Vishnu.  Located in Vimanapradakshinam.Check More Sevas And Pooja’s Of TTD Venkateswara Temple


Varadaaja Temple

  • Yoga Narasimha Temple

Dedicated to Narasimha Swamy, lion headed fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Located in Vimanapradashinam.


Yoga Narasimha Temple

  • Garuthmantha Temple

Services Offered By TTD Temple Dedicated to Garuda the vahana (Vehicle) of Lord Venkateswara located to opposite to Bangaruvakili i.e., gold entrance of Jaya-Vijaya.


Garuthmantha Temple

  • Bhuvaraha Swamy Temple

Temple dedicated to Varaha Incarnation of Vishnu. Temple which is age-old temple than Sri Venkateshwara Temple. Dershan of Lord Bhuvaraha Swamy is done prior to Lord Sri Venkateshwar.


Bhuvaraha Swamy Temple

  • Bedi-Anjaneya Temple

A sub-shrine devoted to Lord Hanuman. Located at Akhilandam i.e., coconuts offering place.


Bedi-Anjaneya Temple

  • Vakulamatha Sannidhi

Vakulamatha the mother of Lord Venkateshwara. Dedicated statue is placed at the main temple. It is meant that matha (Mother) supervises the preparation of food which is offered to her son. Interesting part is a hole is made what separated Vakulamatha sannidhi and Srivari Potu which means kitchen.


Vakulamatha Sannidhi

  • Kubera Sannidi

Dedicated Sub-shrine of Lord Kubera in Vimanapradakshina.


Kubera Sannidi

  • Ramanuja Shrine

Also known as Bhashyakara Sannidhi, built in 13th Century AD. Located to Northern edge of Vimana Praadakshinam.


Ramanuja Shrine


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