Accommodation At Mantralayam Temple, Kurnool Andhra Pradesh

Accommodation At Mantralayam Temple Pilgrims travelling all the way from various places and reach Mantralayam. It is the greatness of swamiji that, he had made efforts on building up hundreds of houses for stay for devotees. This is to provide easy and comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices to the devotees of all categories.About Mantralaya Temple 

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Accommodation At Mantralayam Temple

Accommodation At Mantralayam Temple

Here are some online details of Mathas who manage providing accommodation:

  1. Sri Sarvajna Mandiram – 24 Rooms
  2. Sri Vyasa Mandiram – 22 Rooms
  3. Sri Panchamukhi Darshan – 34 Rooms
  4. Sri Brindavan Gardens – 83 Rooms
  5. Sri Vijayeendra Vasati Gruham – 93 Rooms
  6. Sri Sujayeendra Vishranti Bhavan
  7. Sri Sujayeendra Guest House
  8. Vijaya Vitala Mandira – 46 Rooms
  9. Sri Dheerendra Vasathi Gruham – 89 Rooms
  10. Cottages (Sutable for combined families) – 89 Rooms


Accommodation At Mantralayam Temple


Several dormitories have be built by Matha of Swamij fro pilgrims. These dormitories facilitate small function events.

1.Padmanabha Teertha Dormitory

  1. Narahari Teertha Dormitory
  2. Sri Suguneendra Teertha Dormitory
  3. Sri Guru Amenity Centre

5.Bhuvaneendra Teertha Dormitory

Conditions applied – Availability is subjected acccoring to season Check More Visiting Places Near Mantralayam

Private accommodations at hotels are also available if there is difficulty in getting one at the service centres of Raghavendra Swamy mutt.How To Reach Mantralayam 

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