Darshan Timings Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple Darshan Timing and Pooja Timings

The below are the timings of Somnath temple, and our information will give to sketch plan the perfect schedule to visit the Temple without the waiting process and helps you to get your blessings with fresh with fewer believers’ traffic.

No required to take tickets to visit the main deity Darshan and a big festival of 12 days celebrations will be held during the time Maha Sivaratri time.

The Temple available for the visitors the whole day, but with different performances, the schedule will change according to the timings. And you are scheduled with varying timings with specific Pooja system at each session.

Darshnam Timings Somnath Temple


Somnath Temple Darshan Timings:  6.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Somnath Temple Aarti Timings: 7.00 Am, 12.00 Noon and 7.00 pm. Somnath temple Aarti is performed 3 times a day. Morning Aarti performed at 7 AM, afternoon aarti performed at 12 PM and Evening aarti performed at 7:00 PM

Jay Somnath Light show and Sound starts from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Events in Somnath Temple:

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Darshnam Timings Somnath Temple


The following Utsava is celebrated in Somnath temple:

  1. Shree Somnath Mahashivratri Mahotsav
  2. Golokdham Utsav
  3. Diwali
  4. Sahastradeep poojan
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