History Of Somnath Temple ,Gir Somnath Gujarat

History Of Somnath Temple

History Of Somnath Temple is called as “the Everlasting Shrine” This legendary temple was destroyed and re-built several time by Hindu and Islamic kings respectively. Information, we will help you about that About Somnath Temple The recent temple was re-built by Vallabhbai Patel in November 1947 when he visited area for combination of Junagadh and bring up a plan for rebuilding. The construction work was continued by Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi after the death of Patel.


History Of Somnath Temple


According to the tradition documented the first Shiva temple in somnath was built by Solanki King Mulraj before 997 Ce and the second time temple was built by Seuna Kings of vallabhi in 649 CE Click here to know about the Epic of Somnath Temple .

But in 725 CE, it was said that the second temple was destroyed by AI- Junayd, the urban governor of Sindh as part of his conquests of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Again the third time the temple was built by the GujaratPrathihara king Nagabhata II in 815 CE a huge construction of red sandstone. There are no historical reasons of an attack on somnath by AL-Junayd.


History Of Somnath Temple


History Of Somnath Temple temple which is constructed by Mularaja was destroyed by projecting afghan ruler Mahmud of Ghazni in 1024, who attacked the temple across from the Thar Desert then the temple was re built by the Paramara King Bhoja of malwa and the Solanki king called Bhimdev of Anhilwara in between 1026 to 1042 with the wooden structure later it was replaced with stone temple by Kumarpal.

The temple once again destroyed by Alauddin Jkilji’s army in 1296. Raja Karan of Gujarat fought for the temple. he was beaten and forced to escape. As per the Taj – ul- Ma’sir of Hasan Nizami the sultan crowed that 50,00 infidels were forwarded to hell by the weapon” and 22,000 cattle’s and Salves were floor into the hands of victory  Click here to Darshnam Timings Somnath Temple


history of the somnath temple


In 1308 the temple was rebuilt by Maniple Deva, the Chudasama king of Surashtra and installed the linga by his son Khengar somewhere between 1326 and 1351.

The temple once again destroyed by Muzaffar Shan I of Gujarat Sultanate. Likewise, the temple was destroyed many times by Mahmud Begadaandin 1451 and by Mugal in 1665.

Later the temple was re- built with same glory to the crumbling one on great effects of Raja Bhonsle of Nagpur,How To Reach Somnath Temple Queen Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore, Peshwa of Pune,Shrimant Patilbuwa Shinde of Gwalior and Chhatrapati Bhonsle of Kolhapur in 1783.

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