Epic Story of BhimasShankar Temple

Epic Story of BhimasShankar Temple According to the Legends, once there was Asura (Asura means Evil in Indian Mythology) called Bhima who lived in a dense forest called Dakini.  He was very harsh and had no word of feelings like sympathy and humanity in his life. Know about Bhimashankara Temple.


Epic Story of BhimasShankar Temple


History of the Bhimashankara Temple – One day he asked his mother Karkati to say about his father and about his life. His mother said your father name is Kumbhakarna who was massacre by Lord Rama and avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Epic Story of BhimasShankar Temple

By hearing this he gets very angry with Lord Vishnu and decided to take revenge on his father death. He did great prayers to Lord Brahma. Brahma pleased by his prayers and blessed him with mystic powers. Later he came to know it’s a big mistake. He started disturbing all the rishis and sadhus in their religious activities. He defeated King Indra and he showered all his anger on all gods. By this all gods went to Lord Shiva for help he was ready to help them

Bhima defeated King Kamarupeshwar who is great devotee of Lord Shiva and put him in a prison by warning he to worship him not to shiva Linga and he try to raised up his weapon to strike shiva Linga which was worshiped by Kamarupeshwar but before raising up his weapon to shiva Linga Lord Shiva appeared in front of him with all his glory and anger.

Epic Story of BhimasShankar Temple

The big war started between them and the war continued for long time. Narada appeared and request Lord Shiva to put end of this war then finally lord shiva condensed the evil wizard to ashes it concludes the epic of cruelty.

Finally all the gods and sages requested Lord Shiva to make this place his residence then Lord Shiva appeared himself in a form of BhimaShankara Jotirlinaga.

There is a river called Bhima which is formed by the sweat of Lord Shiva when we was fighting with Bhima, also know the Pooja Timings in beautiful Bhimashankara Temple


Bhima River


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