Epic Story Of Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada

Epic story of kanaka durga temple About kanaka durga temple – According to hindu mythology at the time of krutu yuga which is very 1s yuga in 4 yugas the earth is powered by demons and their cruel act towards all living beings was intolerable. They caused many sufferings to human rce, sages prayed goddess parvathi for surviving of human race.


Epic story of kanaka durga temple


Then goddess parvathi assumed various forms to kill these demons, demons like shumbha & nishumbha were killed by kaushiki avatar of parvathi, mahishasura by mahishasura mardini, durgamasura by durga. Like this goddess parvathi had few avataras to kill all these demons.

History of kanaka durga temple -The name kanaka durga is because is aglow with golden hues which resembles sun rays. She is having eight arms holding different weapons riding on a lion and trampling the demon. This posture of her is known as MAHISHASURA MARDINI.


keela penance


Epic story of kanaka durga temple in golden days KEELA named yaksha performed a great penance for goddess durga, when she offered him boon he begged like this, “O holy Mother! you should always be in my heart. This is the one and only my desire”. Listened goddess Durga and gave the boon with showering the lunar lights of smile and said, “My Son! You remain here at this holiest plane of river Krishna in the form of mountain. In Krithayuga, after the assassination of demons, I will remain in your heart”.

After vanishing demons in kritha yuga goddess durga shined on Keela Mountain in the form of MAHISHASURA MARDINI as goddess durga shines with huge rays as sun with golden color. Indra and other deities praised her chanting KANAKA DURGA. Thus the mountain named as INDRA KEELADRI after worshiping of lord indra. Brahma Deva had a sacred intution that Lord Siva also should prevail on this mountain.

Epic story of kanaka durga temple

For this holy purpose, he had performed ‘Sata Aswamedha Yaga’. By this, lord Maheswara pleased with his devotion and rested in the form of ‘Jyothirlinga’ on this mountain. By the first time, Brama Deva worshipped lord Siva with Jasmin flowers (Mallika) with great devotion. Since Lord Siva was worshipped with Jasmin flowers by Brahma Deva, he has attained the name ‘MALLIKESA’. This is how the name MALLIKESWARA derived from.


Epic story of kanaka durga temple


In dwapara yuga arjuna done a great penance for god Shiva in obtain celestial weapon pasupatastra for coming war of kurukshetra. By seeing his penance god Shiva wants to test his capability using celestial weapons. Thus he changed his getup in to a tribal person and made a war against arjuna. Finally shiva impressed of arjuna’s capability and his devotion he offered him pasupatastra. And whole this incident was happened on indrakeeladri mountain, by gaining victory of arjuna obtained another name as vijaya. And that place is named as Vijayawada later on.


Epic story of kanaka durga temple


Epic story of kanaka durga temple Since goddess Durga has been prevailing at the Southern direction to Lord Malleswara, this Indrakeeladri renowned in the World as power prominent centre the “KANAKA DURGA KSHETRA” Different seva’s and pooja’s kanaka durga temple are performed. Along with the kanaka durga temple there are many different prominent Visiting places near kanaka durga temple.

Planning to visit Kanaka durga then here are the details about How to reach Kanaka Durga Temple before starting chat the name of goddness.  Along with that you can also book Accommodation in Kanaka Durga Temple in advance.

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