Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple ,Kurnool Andhra Pradesh

Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple Mantaralayam one of the most trusted powerful saints of Hinduism who dedicated his life to his devotees and buried himself alive (Jeeva Samadhi). His tenure was observed between the period of 1601 to 1671 according to 16th century. He was a strong disciple of Madhavism (Worshiper of Lord Vishnu as supreme). The saint ascended Brindavanam in Mantralayam located in Andhra Pradesh state.About Mantralaya Temple 

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Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple

Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple

Let us look into epic story of the Sacred Mutt:

Birth :

Sri Raghavendra Swamy who was born as Sri Venkatanatha at Bhuvanagiri, current day Chidambaram In Tamil Nadu. With a great diligence and devotion of the parents to the deity of Tirupathi Sri Venkateshwara Swamy, Sri Venkatanatha was given this name.

Early Life:

Sri Venkathanatha was  brilliant student since the childhood, who also learnt to play Veena in a proficient manner. After the demise of his father, Venkatanatha was brought up by his father’s brother Sri Gururaja Bhatta. Here at this uncles place he complete his primary level of education at Madhurai.Check More Visiting Places Near Mantralayam

Marriage Life

 After the return from the Mutt in 1614,Venkatanatha got married to Smt. Saraswathi Bai and was blessed with a baby boy the same year. Sri Venkatanatha since the beginning studies and worshiped Dwaita Vendantha, literature and Grammar under the guru Sri Sudheera Theertha.

Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple was a fervent disciple of Sri Moola Rama & Sri Panchamukha Mukhya Prana Devaru. He almost spent his time in sharing the knowledge to young generation, and was left in debts at the end. But, was completely which means whole and sole manner presented himself to the amity.

Life turn – into Sanyasa as Guru Raghavendra

Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple


Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple Now, as Venkatanath’s life went on in the worship of lord and sharing knowledge to young ones, at this point his Guru who gave him Spiritual ethics Sri Sudheendra Theertharu was n search of a successor to his mutt.

Once when Venkatanatha had come to visit his guru to find place of him and his family, the Guru realizes Venkatanatha was the right person to be his descendent. A refusal was made by Venkatanatha initially as he was bounded with family responsibilities, but gave himself a chance to discuss with his wife in this regards.Pooja’s and Seva’s At Temple Mantralayam

On his was back home he came across Goddess Sawraswath (Goddess of Learning) who explained his birth as Prhaladha in the previous birth and Raghavendra in Kaliyuga. Venkathanatha changes his mind and goes a head seeking salvation as ‘Sanyasi’ (Avatar that is taken up dedicating oneself completely to the almighty and away from family bounding/ Surrendering oneself to the lord whole and sole). He then took up the mutt’s responsibility in 1621 on Phalguni Sukla Dwitiya at Tanjore.

Smt. Saraswathi’s Moksha 

Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple


Hearing the news of Venkatanatha sanyasa avatar as Raghavendra Guru, Venkatnatha’s wife Smt. Saraswathi broke down and gave up herself by jumping into an old well. But, she was left mid-way between Heaven and Earth due to untimely death. As her wish was to see her husband for the last time and was not fulfilled. She went to mutt to see him but was not allowed into the mutt on the untimely sacrifice. Swamy Raghavendra sensed her presence as sprinkled holy water on her and gave her moksha (releasing her sole into heaven).

South India Tour spreading Dvaita Philosophy

As Raghavendra took up the avatar of Sanyasi, he then went on for a south Indian tour to promote preaching ‘Davaita Philosophy’ and attending pilgrims at Rameshwaram and Srirangam. He also travelled to Kanyakumari, Madhurai and Thiruvanathapuram. More over attended Vishnu Mangala, Kukke Subramanya and Udupi.

On his travel to various parts of the country Promoting his philosophy of Davaita, many miracles were took place. Miracleoues events have always been taken place in the hands of Swamyji. His spiritual preaching’s and blessings were meant to be like a ‘Abhaya Hand’ (Protective or helping hand) to all the devotees who seek help in front of him.

Nawaab of Adoni & Mantralayam

Swamiji went to Nawaab of Adoni for a favour. He requested him for the land of ‘Manchela Village’. Before that, to test the spiritual skills of Swamyji, Nawaab of Adoni disrespected him by offering him a plate of Non-Vegetarian delights covered with cloth. It was then offered to swamy as it was kept near him. Then With his mediation and purity of mind and soul of swamyji, the plate of Non-veg delights turned into beautiful flowers when the cloth was taken off from the plate.

Surprised with this miracle by Swamiji, Nawaab had no words. He then said he would give Swamiji with a better land than the Manchela Village as it was a dry and barren region. But, this land was around Mantralayam and on the bank of river Tungabhara. He mentioned that this land was a place where King Prahalada performed Yagam to Lord Rama in ‘Dwapara Yuga’ and was said to be a holy land. So the Mutt was moved to Mantralayam where Annadanam (Donation of Food) to all devotees, this is still practices at the mutt even now.


Penance were performed at the place named Panchamukhi (Temple of Five faced Hanuman form of panchamukha Mukhya Prana) near Manatralayam. Raghavendra was reincarnation of Prahalada, the devotee who was saved by Vishnu in the avatar of Narasimha. Prahaladha the reincarnation of  ‘Shankukarna’ of Dwapara Yugam. So, Raghavendra chose the land of Mantralayam as the location of Brindavanam.

Jeeva Samadhi

Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple


Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple On the Diwitiya Day of Sravana Krishna Paksha 1671, gave soul-stirring words to many devotees who come up to witness the event. He said that:

He would all ways be there of devotes who seek his helping hand. He would be a kalpavriksha (Tree that fulfils wishes and give boon), A doctor who could cure all the medical needs. Ultimately said that he would be with his devotees every moment of life and help them at all required stages of life.

Epic Story Of Mantralayam Temple  Swamy entered into Brindavanam specially built for him. According to his wish these stones were Sanctified by lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana’s footsteps on their visit to Teertha yatra. As instructed by Swamy once the japamala stopped rolling in this hand, slabs were placed till his head got covered. To add purity to Brindavanam spiritual water was poured onto to the construction 1200 Lakshmai Narayan Srligramas brought from Nepal Gandaki River in Nepal.

This date of Samadhi was celebrated every year at Dwitiya Day of Sravana Krishna Paksha.

It is trusted to be Swamy is alive for:

  • 78 years physically on Earth
  • 300 years in Brindavan, with his literary work among the people.
  • 400 years in Brindavan without physical form.

All together 700 years in the Brindavan offering helping hand to society, mankind in out to come-out of troubles and mistakes.

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