Epic Story Of TTD Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala

Epic Story TTD Temple

Epic Story TTD Temple It is said that Emperumaan, Sriman Narayana is recognised as ‘Eazhumalayaan’ who stand in this shrine all by himself in Nindra thirukkolam by offering his sevas and highly devotional services to Bhaktas.Check More Information History of TTD Venkateswara Temple


Epic Story TTD Temple


As the world begun, the three yugams Trethayugam, Dwaparayugam and Krithayugam, which was stated by Sriman Narayana in Mahabharatham. later he took the avatar in some form to fight and destroy against ‘Adharma / Evilness’.

Birth of kali Yugam:

After all the three yugams came to an end. Kali yugan took its birth, where all the evil things started  taking place all around the world. In this yugam the emperors lost their kingdoms, Yogies and Rishis were killed and the wives of all were captured by the ‘Demons’ who are called Arakkas. In this Yugam a demon named ‘ Kali’ emerged in to destroy the beauty of earth and started to spread evil aspects into the human minds.

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Epic Story TTD Temple

Story –

The Lord Brahma who was seeing all the sins happening on earth, got worried. He then came to a conclusion, that the right person to handle the evil situations that are taking place on The Earth is Sriman Narayanan.

He felt that if the lords feet (Thiruvadi) are stepped on to the earth, the lost glory can be brought back. Or even if a droplet of his blood is shed on earth, the purity and the beauty will be showered on the sacred land. And following  this all the evil felts will vanish. This issue was shared to Narada Maharishi.

Sevas And Pooja’s Of TTD Venkateswara Temple All the maharishis had a gathering to discuss on the huge yaagam. And who is the right person to perform this, where how much amount and credits should be given to which god.

According to Naradas view, 3 moorthies who stand as idols for Dharma and Sathyam and who are capable to outstand in any situations of Adharma will be the right choice. Finally, the person who can choose the right person with said characters, can be checked out by ‘Brighu Maharishi’ .


Epic Story TTD Temple


Step 1 :Maharishi Brighu’  started of his journey to Lord Shivan, Brahma Deva and Sriman Narayana (Vishnu). Where Brahman and Shiva failed to reach the expectations of Maharishi and was cursed by him. Brahma was cursed on not having a temple on The Earth.

This shows that what is written on the fate will happen, since Brahma Devan was the one who started the process of finding the right one to rule and he himself ended up in curse of Maharishi.

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As a result of Thirumaarbhu (Divine Chest) of Sriman Narayana, Maha Lakshmi leaves the place of Sri Vaikuntam and goes off to Earth. Due to this Vikundam lost its glory, which is also said to be a part of Kaliyugam.

Without Maha Lakshmi, Sriman Narayana felt lonely at Vaikuntam and he leaves to earth. Aadhiseshan turned himself as a mountain at Tirumala, and Srinam Narayan moves around in search of the goddess Lakshmi. He was helpless as he could not find her. He has no food, water and just sat in a place.

Epic Story TTD Temple

By this Lord Shiva and Brahma were moved and they also came onto the Earth an meet Goddess Lakshmi. They beg her to come back to Vikunta and explain Vishnumoorthies situation.  Later, goddess turns Lord Shiva and Braahma to turn in the form of Cow and Calf, where they headed into the crew of cowherd person.


Epic Story TTD Temple


Epic Story TTD Temple Then Cow(Beahma Deva) and calf (Lord Shiva) walked towards a mountain covered with sand. There they found Sri Vishnu. They gave him milk, which was then their daily routine. The cowherd person who initially pulled them for grazing wounded why these two were not given him milk. He then decided to follow them to know the reason.

As a result the cowherd person follows the Cow and Calf who are in the form  of Lord Brahma and Shiva and sees them giving milk to ‘Putru’. He then wonders and inform the king Chozha. With the guidance of King Choozha, the cowherd  person followed them the next day.

The Cow and Calf spiritually followed the same routine of their, by offering Milk to ant-hill. The cowherd tries to destroying the cow with the axe. In order to protect the cow, Sriman Narayan came out of the putru and took the axe into his hand. In the fight between them, the Lord was hurt on his forehead and started to bleed. His blood reached the earth. As said earlier, the earth became pure an destroyed the evil activities of Kali.

Varaghar and Sri Srinivas Avataram:

Coming out of the putru, Lord Sriman Narayan went to ‘Vakula Mata’ who then took the lord to Sri Varagha Moorthy who save Bhoomipiratti from Hiranyatshankan, where the lord gave him the  avatar of ‘Sri Varaghar’ as the saint said he could not carry the weight of earth any more. Here the lord asked for a favour to show a place in the hill to stay. As Varaghar agreed that Vishnu moorthi could stay with Vakula Mata.Click Info Accommodation in TTD Venkateswara Temple Tirupati

Varaghar muni asked for a boon, that each and every devotee who comes to visit the Lord Sri Srinivas should first worship Varagha and then see the lord. If this is no followed by devotees, they will not be give the blessings of the main deity and the offerings were not to be accepted. The lord Sriman Narayan accepted to this and said that prasadam and prayers will be offered to him first and then only to lord in Tirupathi. The wish was accepted by Sri Srinivasa.


Epic Story TTD Temple


Epic Story TTD Temple In the course of an elephant comes into the yard of Srinavas (Name of Sri Vishnu who was named by Vakula Mata). In order to drive away the elephant, Srinivas comes across Padmavathi Devi and both falls in love with each other.

Srinivas tells Vakula Mata about his desire to get married to Pamavathi Devi, the daughter of ‘Akasha Raja’, for which she was worried about the difference of status. Realising that Srinivas was the incarnation of Sri krishna of Dwaparayugam.

Epic Story TTD Temple

Srinavas send his mother to talk about the match with the King. At the same time Srinavas takes the avatar of Tarrot hand reader and tells the princess that Srinavas it the lord of all lokas and he is the right alliance for her to get married to.

The King finally aggress to his daughters wish as understanding that these two love birds were a couple in the previous Janma (Lord Krishna & Sita Mata).


Epic Story TTD Temple


Successfully the marriage of Lord Srinivasa and Parvathi is performed. Maha Lakshmi realises that Sri Vishnu got married to Padmavathi, through Naradamuni. The lord then gets stuck with both the wives (Sri Maha Lakshmi & Padmavathi) and turns off into a statue at Tirumala Tirupati.

It is said by Brahma & Shiva Lords, that Swamy would be in this avataram till the end of Kali yugam at Tirumala.

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