History Of Great Temple Shiridi Sai Baba, Maharashtra

History Of Great Temple Shiridi Sai Baba

history of great temple shiridi sai baba is a significant place in the history of Baba as it was constructed on Baba’s instruction.About Sai Baba Temple Shirdi The temple of Baba Samadhi was originally constructed as Wada during last years of baba in hid physical body.

Initially the place where temple was constructed is used as dumping yard. Once Baba cleared and smoothedthis land and he startedgrowing the plants in that land. He brought seeds of jasmine and marigold from Rahata and placed them in the ground.


history of great temple shiridi sai baba


Baba uses to water the plants daily and distributed the flowers to the entire local temple for 3 year.

The Baba Temple was built by a famous multi – billionaire Called as Shri Gopalrao Mukund Butty (Bapusahab Butty) of Nagpur.



  Shri Gopalrao Mukund Butty (Bapusahab Butty)

          Shri Gopalrao Mukund Butty (Bapusahab Butty)


Bapusahab Butty was introduced to Baba by lawyer called “Shri Sakharam Balwant Dhumal” about 10 years before.



Shri Sakharam Balwant Dhumal

Shri Sakharam Balwant Dhumal


One day Bapusaheb Butty got an idea that he should built a building of his own. After some days he got a dream while he was sleeping in Dixit’s wada, has Baba appeared in his dream and says him to build a wada of his own, with temple and same dream was appear to the Shama who was sleeping along with Bapusaheb.

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history of great temple shiridi sai baba:

By hearing the lovely and sweet word of baba Shama felt crushed with emotion and his eyes were overflowing with tears and began to cry by saying with Bapusaheb.

Bapusaheb is amazed with both the dream and Bapusaheb decided to build a wada with temple and sketched up a plan with Shama (Madhavarao) which approved by Kakasaheb Dixit and they place this plan in front of Baba it was certified immediately



Shri Madhavarao Deshpande (Shama)

Shri Madhavarao Deshpande (Shama)


The construction was started in 1915 with a Dagadi stone and the place is called as Dagadi Wada as Baba described about this construction before with Narke in 1913 itself.

Sri Butty, Shama and Kaka Saheb with some other brought the construction material. Everyone is engaged in the construction work of wada. Shama was guiding the work and the building material and equipment were handled by Bapu Saheb Jog. Digging of wells and structures of outside, underground were completed.

history of great temple shiridi sai baba:

Baba also use sees the work daily while he was passing from the Lendi Bagh to mosque and he gives some suggestions and alteration in the wada. The works also developed devotions and faiths in baba.Daily they use to pray the Baba before starting and closing the construction work with the blessing of baba the building design quickly.

They asked Baba whether it is good time to start the construction work of the temple central room. Baba said yes. Then Shama broke the coconut immediately as good Muhurat and started the work.


history of great temple shiridi sai baba


history of great temple shiridi sai baba the platform was started Bapusaheb Butty got an idea that to install the idol of Lord Krishna in the center he said to Shama to discuss this matter with baba and get his permission. Shama asked Baba about this when Baba was passing through wada. Baba smiled and said failed for giving suggestion and seeing the wada Baba said after completion of building he will be staying there and everyone should live, play and move in the wada happily.


One day Baba sat with cross – legs in the middle on the platform where they want to install the idol of Lord Krishna. Butty didn’t understand the situation and asked again about the permission of idol he told Butty to wait patiently for some time.


Baba was suffering with fever on 28th September 1918 for couple of days thereby he stopped taking the food and his body became weaker.

Butty felt very unhappy by seeing baba health and he wonder whether baba would be live till the completion of temple. How To Reach a Beautiful Pilgrimage Shri Shiridi Sai baba Temple He thought without Baba the whole construction is pointless without Baba.


Baba Health is spoiled rapidly on 15th October 1918, Tuesday and he said take him to the wada from the mosque so that he can feel better there. By saying this as last word he leaned on the Bayaj’s body around at 2.30 pm. Baba left his soul.


history of great temple shiridi sai baba


history of great temple shiridi sai baba the death of Baba everyone are in the discussion where to place Baba‘s mortal. Muslim people request to place the body of Sai Baba outside the mosque and Baba body should be kept in Samadhi. Amir Shakkar and Khushal Chand support this. But Mr. Ramachander Pati, Village officer took a stable that the Baba Body should be place in Butty Wada only. This discussion went till Wednesday.


Finally they decided to keep Baba body in Wada as it was last wish from the Baba mouth before he felt his soul. Epic of Great Shree Shiridi Sai Baba Temple Then they decided to clean Baba Body which was kept on cart whole night it was around 4:00 pm. So, they placed baby body in font of Dwarakamayi and pure water on him with devotion after that they covered the body with white cloth and place flowers, sandalwood and rice over it.


history of great temple shiridi sai baba  dig the 6 feet length grave in Butty Wada in the center; they took the baba body with various musical instruments to Butty Wada. Firstly they placed the broken brick of the baba in the grave over that they placed soft bed they sprinkle rose water and perfumes then slowly Dixit, Butty, Shama and Mahalsapathi slowly took the body in to the grave.

After thirty – Six hours his body was finally buried with certain personal articles of baba like one of this satkas, broken brick, a chillum, broken brick, needle and cotton Visiting places Near Sai Baba Temple Shirdi.


history of great temple shiridi sai baba


Some articles were preserved like old cloth bag which contain green kafni and a cap which was never allowed to touch anyone.

The burial was completed on Thursday early morning and After Samadhi at 5.00 in the evening aarthi is given by Babu Saheb Jog and Laxman Mama. This aarti called as first Sandhya Aarthi in the temple on 16th October 1918.

The Baba’s Samadhi built up in the place where Butty wanted to install the idol of Lord Krishna. In this way Baba became Muralidhar.

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