Puja’s and Seva’s Of Mahanandi Temple,Thimmapuram, Andhra Pradesh

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Puja’s and Seva’s of mahanandi temple

Puja’s and Seva’s of mahanandi temple


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Mahanandi is a holy Shiva shrine center which was located in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. Mahanandi temple is located in Nallamala Hills and the Mahanandi temple is completely surrounded by the thick forest. Mahanandi is known as nine Nandi known as Nava Nandis. Mahanandiswara Temple is the most famous temple which shrines of Nava Nandis.

Puja’s and Seva’s of mahanandi temple nine Nandi temples are Mahanadi, Shivanandi, Vinayakanandi, Somanandi, Prathamanandi, Garudanandi, Suryanandi, Krishnan and Naganandi.


Puja’s and Seva’s of mahanandi temple


Mahanandiswara temple is the Lord Shiva temple which is very famous and sacred place, the initial structure of the Mahanandi temple was constructed by Chalukyas in the 7th century and several changes were done in 10th and 15th centuries. Local kings called Nandas ruled here in the 10th century AD

How to reach Mahanandi Temple to visit the shrine of Mahanandi. The temple of Mahanandishwara is full of light as in such as all the other temples, with seva’s and Nitya puja’s, along with that also know about Accommodation near Mahanandi Temple.

About Mahanandi Temple – Mahanandi temple has a great history.

Click here to know history of Mahanandi Temple, the Mahanandi Temple shrines with nine nandi’s which are dedicated to lord Shiva, also know about the great Epic story of Mahanandi Temple.

Darshan/Visiting Hours of Temple

Moring seva’s : 6.30am to 12.30 Noon

Evening Seva’s : 3pm to 9pm


                         Seva’s                       Timings
Mangala Vadhyamulu 4.45am
Suprabhatam 5.00am
Swamy Vari Sthanika


Mahamangala Harathi

Abishekam Swamy variki


6.30am to 12.30pm

Laghunyasa Abishekam 6.30am to 12.30pm & 6.00pm to 8.30pm

Purvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam


6.30am to 12.30pm & 6.00pm to 8.30pm

Note:  Temple of Mahanandi remains closed for Solar (Surya Grahanam) and Lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahanam).

If you want to see different Visiting places Near Mahanandi Temple there are many prominent places near Mahanandi Temple.

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