Travelling Facilities to Bhadrachalam

Travelling Facilities to Bhadrachalam

How to reach Bhadrachalam?

Travelling Facilities to Bhadrachalam Bhadrachalam is a temple town in the Khammam district of the state of Telangana, and a very important pilgrimage center connected with the legend of Ram and Sita and their wedding. Here are the complete details About Bhadrachalam Temple


Travelling Facilities to Bhadrachalam


It is situated on the beautiful banks of the Godavari River and sees a huge tourist footfall through the year. Know the Epic story of Bhadrachalam Temple.

Falling within the pilgrimage circuit of Tirupati and Srisailam, Bhadrachalam is crowded by thousands of devotees from all over the country during the various religious festivals that it celebrates throughout the year.

Best time to visit Bhadrachalam

Travelling Facilities to Bhadrachalam  expertise typically humid climates throughout the year, in summers the temperatures may rise up to 47 degrees Celsius and the weather is very uncomfortable so, Tourists are advised to not visit Bhadrachalam during this season.

The best seasons to visit the Bhadrachalam are the winter and spring seasons, (i.e., between October and March).the climate will pleasant, mildly cool in this season as temperature stays between 20 to 33 degrees Celsius.


Travelling Facilities to Bhadrachalam


We can visit Bhadrachalam during festival seasons like on Ram Navami or during the Vaikuntha Ekadashi, the town is at its maximum festive glory and it is a beautiful time to travel through. Click here for History of Bhadrachalam Temple 

How to reach Bhadrachalam?

Travelling Facilities to Bhadrachalam falls within the busy tourism route of Tirupati and Srisailam and is very well connected to all parts of the country.

Bhadrachalam by Air

It can be accessed quite comfortably by air. The nearest airport to Bhadrachalam is Rajahmundry, which connects to the capital city of Hyderabad via machinists such as JetKonnect and SpiceJet.

Bhadrachalam by railways

The nearest railway station to town is Bhadrachalam Road also known as Kothagudem. It is 40 Kms away from the main town and easily accessible by bus, cars and taxis. Various trains’ facilities are available for Bhadrachalam.

Bhadrachalam by road

The place is well connected with all major cities and towns of India. Tourist can easily reach the place through various cities at different timings. The local, private, state, luxury and tourist buses are available for the place from all major roadways.

The details of buses are given below:

Departure from Timings Distance in KMS Charge in Rupees (INR)


14.45             606 242.00
Basara 08.30 472 189.00
Vemulavada             04.15 324 130.00
Srisailam 04.30 472 189.00
Hanumakonda 04.00 Onwards every 1 hr. Last bus-22.30 220 088.00
Hyderabad 03.15, 05.00, 06.30, 08.00, 09.00, 10.45, 09.30, 21.00, 22.30, {21.00 from NZB} 316 165.00 for Hi-tech 126.00 for Express 139.00 for Luxury
Vijayawada 04.00 Onwards every 1 hr. Last bus-22.30 184 075.00
Rajahmundry 06.30, 07.30, 08.30, 14.45, 17.45, 20.00 239, 190 (via Kukkunoor) 096.00, 067.00 (via Kukkunoor)
Vishakapatnam (Via Seleru) 05.30, 18.30 370 148.00
Vijayanagaram 08.30, 05.30 422 169.00
Amalapuram 20.00 309 124.00
Rajolu 07.00 327 131.00


07.30, 15.00, 22.00 190 086.00

Travelling distances to Bhadrachalam           

Chennai to Bhadrachalam –   10 hours 36 mins – 652Km

Hyderabad to Bhadrachalam – 5hours 30 mins – 312Km

Tirupati to Bhadrachalam – 9 hours 55 mins – 610km

This all are traveling facilities to reach Bhadrachalam . Puja’s and Seva’s of Badhrachalam Temple details are available.

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