Epic of Basar Temple

Epic of Basara Temple

Epic of the Basar Temple

Epic of  Basara Temple Do you want to know about the Gnana Saraswathi Temple Basara, come on know about one of the most legendary temple in India. How to reach basara Temple, you can reach basara through various way along with that if you want  Accommodation in Basara Temple excellent accommodation is there.

Along with that also know about the great History of the Basara Temple.

Epic of Basara Temple

According to the legend, After Mahabharata War sage Veda Vyasa the author of Mahabharata gets on trip in search of peace. He reached the Dhandakaranya forest and started meditation to the Goddess Saraswathi.

The Veda Vyasa use to sit near the cave called Kumaranchala and performed the meditation. Daily he uses to wake up early in the morning by the Brahma Muhurtha.

After taking bath in the holy Godavari he sits for the meditation till the sun set.


Epic of Basara Temple


He used following words while offering the prayer to the goddess Saraswathi ‘pramashanthi pradayini’, ‘Adrushyaroopini.

One day in the meditation he got dream, in that dream the Goddess appeared and said to bring handful of sand before meditation every day from Godavari after holy bath.

Vyasa brought handful of sand and place it as three heaps near the cave.

It was a miracle that after some time the three sand humps converted into idols of the great trinity.

So, this place is called as Tapodhoomi because of the Vedha Vyasa meditation.

The three idols are of Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Kali. These are the present reigning idols of Basar.

Epic of Basara Temple

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi, despite of the present trinity.

As Veda Vyasa stayed for long time and he made Prana Prasthista for three idols the place is called as ‘VASARA”. As day pass on it changed as “BASARA”.


Epic of Basara Temple


Along with that there are many different Prominent  visiting places near basara.

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