History of Most Famous Basara Temple

History of the most famous Basara Temple

History of most famous Basara Temple Planning to Visit Basara Temple to seek the blessings of Gana Sarswathi Ammavaru, here are the details of How to reach Basara Temple

Along with that there are Excellent Accommodation in Basara Temple if you want to stay, along with that here is the complete information about the Ganana Saraswathi Temple Basara

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History of most famous Basara Temple


The Basara temple was built by Veda Vyasa. In the period of 11th century to 18th century the Moghal Nawabs called Barid Shahi, Hanid Shahi and Kuthub Shahi are tried to destroy temple and idol of goddess.

History of most famous Basara Temple

In that time one young man so called Sri Makkaji Patel belongs to Veera Shaiva of Renukapuram has struggled to protect the temple from the Nawabs under the leadership of Makkaji Patel and with the help of some young stars who belongs to Mahathpuram, Vyasapuram, Ravindrapuram and Ratnapuram.


History of most famous Basara Temple


After a great Struggle the was protected from the Muslims Conquests, also know about the Epic of Basara Temple 

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