About Somnath Temple, Gir Somnath Gujarat

About Somnath Temple

About Somnath Temple is at the Shore of Arabian Ocean on the west side of the India. The temple is one of the oldest and we can find its allusion from ancient time like Shreemad Bhagvat, shivpuran and skandpuran.


About Somnath Temple


Somnath temple is situated at Prabhas Patna near to Veraval. According to shiva purana and Nandi upapurana the Lord shiva said that “ I will be always present in the form of 12 Jotirlingas”,  Click here to know about the Epic of Somnath Temple  Somnath is of it and it is first jotirlinaga from the 12 jotirlinagas.

As per the research base the pran pratishta of first Somnath jyothirling was done on the auspicious day of shravana month during tenth Treta Yug.

About Somnath Temple this temple is built in 4 different phases as in sliver by Ravi, Gold by Lord Soma, in wooden by Lord Krishna and finally with stone by king Bhimadeva   Information, we will help you about that History Of Somnath Temple.


About Somnath Temple


The Somnath temple comprises of Sabhamandap, Nrityamandap and Garbhgruh with high of 150 feet shikhar. There is kalash at the top of the shikhar with 10 tons. Dhwajdand is tall with 27 feet and 1 foot of border.

Inside the temple of Garbhashay was stayed to be glow with luster of gemstone. The Nanda deep was lighted continuously with Kannauji attar.

The deity is worshiped daily with one thousand Brahmins and about 50 dancing girls were allotted for the dance and regular music in the temple courts.

From all the 12 jotirlinagas Somnath temple is consider as first jotirlinaga as the deity was swayambhu. The perfumed sandalwood water will be brought from the Prayag Kshi and Haridwar for Lord Abhishekam daily and flower will be transported from the Kashmir for special auctions Darshnam Timings Somnath temple.


About Somnath Temple


Lakhs of devotes will be visited from the world to take the blessings of Somnath.

There are many sub – temple in the Somnath temple which isas follows Check More Information How To Reach Somnath Temple.

About Somnath Temple Abadhit Samudra Marg:

This Abadhit Samudra Marg, Tirsthambh (Arrow) directs the route of sea to the South Pole. The distance is about 9936 Km towards South Pole. It is placed adjust to the main temple complex.


about the great somnath temple

About Somnath Temple  Hari Har Tirthdham:

This is divine place for Lord Shri Krishna’s Neejdham Prasthan Leela. It was said that Lord Shri Krishna was knockout by an arrow of poacher called as Bhalka Tirtha after hitting with arrow he has arrived with the ocean at the divine union of Kapila, Hiran and Saraswathi and their Sangam.


about the great somnath temple


He performed holy Neejdham Prasthan Leela at the bank of river Hiran.


about the great somnath temple

Geeta Mandhir.

Geeta Mandhir is built with divine messages of Bhagavati Geeta which is fixed on 18 pillars of marble.


about the great somnath temple

Balram Gufa:

It is a place where Bhagvan Shrikrishna elder brother started his journey to his Nijdhampatal.

Parshuram Tapobhumi:

It is a place where Lord Parshuram passed out his reparation and released from the sin of Kshatriya Killings. It was said that pandavs visited the temple and took divine dip in the jalprabhas and constructed 5 temples of shiva.

There are many different Prominent Visting Places Near Somnath Temple

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