History of Great Jagannath Temple Puri ,Odisha

History of Great famous Jagannath Temple

history of great famous jagannath temple the tradition authorities strongly hold that Jagannath is possibly as old as human civilization. There are number of old works in Sanskrit which sing the glory of the puri. About the Famous Jagannath Temple The ancient times of the Jagannath is so much covered in mystery that it may take few more years to make definite conclusion for the scholars.


history of great famous jagannath temple


How to reach famous temple Puri Jagannath Even there is a reference to the shreene of jaganatha in Mahabharata and the Ramayana and some scholars compress that even Jesus Christ and Mohammed Christianity and Islam also visited puri.

history of great famous jagannath temple according to the history the olden times of jaganatha can be taken to the second century B.C. where kharavela was the emperoe of kalinga. There is the mention of one jinasana in the historic Hatigumpha writing of the emperor at the top of the hills near Bhubaneswar as it clearly talk about jaina deity it is frequently known as jaganatha Click here to know about the Accommodation Facilities in Shree Jagannath Temple Puri 

. But real provisions as per historical form are available from the 9th century A.D. when Govardhana Matha as the eastern dhama of India wasestablished by Sankaracarya when he visited puri Visiting places Near the Puri Jagannath Temple .


history of the great famous jagannath temple


Sankara was established 4 Mathas by the name of dhama. Where dhama means sacred place. It is belief that Hindu people should visit this dhama atleast once in their life time. Puri is also one of the dhama in the eastern India.

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history of the great famous jagannath temple


history of great famous jagannath temple main Jagannath temple is surrounded with 30 temples they were put in different periods according the history. They worship two other deities called Balabhadra and Subhadra in the temple rather than jaganatha.

There are many different Prominent Epic of  Great Temple Puri Jagannath

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