Visiting Places Around Ananthagiri Temple

The list of visiting places around the Ananthagiri temple are listed below. Don’t forget to know about the epic history of Ananthagiri temple

Peddamma Temple

The distance that needs to cover to reach Peddamma temple from Ananthagiri temple is 22 minutes, and the distance that the travellers need to cover is 9.9km via Vikarabad and Tandur road.

The Peddamma temple is one of the scariest temples that dedicated to goddess Durga, which also called as “Supreme Goddess”. Letting you know more about the temple

Sanghi Temple

There are three possible ways to reach Sanghi temple: through Shadnagar and Chevella road that takes 2 hours 49 minutes by covering 139km, the second way is to travel through Nehru outer ring road that takes 2 hours 56 minutes of travel and covers 143.9km. The shortest distance to travel is through SH4 and Nehru Outer ring road that takes 2 hours 17 minutes of travel by covering 115.4km

The main idol in Sanghi temple is Lord Venkateshwara, and many other temples established in the same premises. Elaboration of the Sanghi temple(internal link)

Chilkur Balaji Temple

For reaching Chilkur Balaji temple from Ananthagiri temple the time required to reach is 1 hour 27 minutes by covering 59.5km via SH4, the other possible way is to travel in via Thangadpally-Vikarabad road as it requires 1 hour 28 minutes and covers 54.5 to reach the destination.

Chilukur Balaji temple is one of the sacred temples that dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, this temple also called a Visa Balaji temple. It’s a strong belief from ancient times, by performing seven parikramas (Pradakshana) on owing a wish to lord Venkateshwara. If the desire gets fulfilled, 108 Parikramas need to offer for  Lord Venkateshwara as gratitude.

Singur Dam:

The Singur dam located at a distance of 65.6km via Vikarabad-Mominpet road. The time required to reach Singur Dam from Ananthagiri temple 2 hours 2 minutes for travelling. Temple timings of the Ananthagiri temple(internal link)

Singur dam is one of the massive barriers in Hyderabad that fulfils the needs of the city by serving major tasks as irrigation and drinking water. The dam is eye-catching will lush trees around so that the visitors converted this dam as a visiting place.

Ocean Park:

The distance between the Ananthagiri temple and Ocean park is 1 hour 32 minutes, and the distance that needs to cover is 64.4km via Thangadpally-Vikarabad road or Shankarpalli-Hyderabad.

Ocean Park is one of the best Themed Park in Hyderabad. The park categorized as Amusement park and Waterpark. The Waterpark consists of various fun rides and adventure pools.  The opening time for an amusement park is 11:30 AM-7:30 PM, and for water park, the timings are 11:30 AM-6:00 PM

Golkonda Fort:

To reach Golkonda fort from Ananthagiri temple, it requires 1 hour 41 minutes; it lies in a distance of 70.7km via SH4.

Golkonda is a historical fort which also called as the Archeological treasure that has unpublished historical things. Golkonda is an ancient fort that built nearly 200 years ago, and it’s constructed with 18 feet walls. The famous attribute in it is that if one clap at the gate of the fort and it can hear at one of the topmost pavilions.

Nehru Zoological Park:

The Nehru zoological park lies at a distance of 78.1 km and the time required to reach there from Ananthagiri temple is 1 hour 56 minutes via SH4.

Nehru Zoological Park one of the best collection of Flaura and Fauna, it consists of various species of Lions, Tiger and Indian Rhino. It also includes a nocturnal room creates a night effect so, that visitors can watch nocturnal creatures as Owls and Bats.

Mrugavani National Park:

There are three possible ways to reach Mrugavani Park from Ananthagiri temple the shortest distance path is via SH4 and the time taken to go 1 hour 21 minutes and distance that gets covered is 1 hour 21 minutes.

Mrugavani park declared as National park in 1994 that occupies an area of 850 acres. It has a massive collection of flora, fauna and 100 species of birds. The timing of this park is 9 AM-5 PM.

Osman Sagar Lake:

The distance between the Osman Sagar lake and the Ananathagiri temple is 63.3km that takes a journey for 1 hour 31 minutes via SH4.

Osman Sagar lake, also famous as Gandipet lake, is an artificial lake which is an output of dam construction, that constructed by Nihama nawab Nizam Osmal Ali khan. The timing of the lake is 9:30 AM-5:00 PM, and the entry ticket costs an individual with Rs.5.


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