Pedamma Temple History

Here’s everything about Pedamma Temple History. Peddamma temple dedicated to goddess Durga, The word Peddamma means Supreme Mothers. In the compound of Peddamma temple, there are some other temples constructed as Lakshmi temple, Ganapati temple, Saraswathi temple and Naga Devatha temple. The poojas and Sevas timings of Peddamma temple

Peddamma Temple History

The incredible history of the Peddamma temple is as given below

After the demon assassination, the goddess is thirsty and came to the well nearby to gulp water; then a sphered found an idol of the goddess. So, that a house of worship constructed in that place and now its called a Peddamma Talli temple.

According to another legend, the demon Mahishasura had a boon from Lord Brahma that either man or god can kill him. From then, he became cruel; he became unstoppable. So, to end this God Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and goddess Durga incarnated as being with blessings of Trinity, and all other gods Goddess Durga demolished the demon Mahishasura in a battle.

Astonishing Architecture Of Peddamma Temple

Peddamma Temple Hyderabad is one of the sacred temples in the medieval period. Do you have an idea regarding the possible ways to reach Peddamma temple. Let’s go straight to the temple’s construction details.

This adorable Peddamma temple constructed in a south Indian style in 1993 raja gopuram constructed. The temple built with walls on four sides with a single entry and an exit door. All the pillars in the temple explain about the epic of Hindu religion. The temple has a shrine of main deity Peddamma in the temple, and there are some other temples in the province which dedicated to Lord Ganapathi, Goddess Saraswathi and Naga Devatha.     

Importance Of Peddamma Temple

Let us tell you about the glory of Peddamma temple

There is no trusted story for the existence of goddess Peddamma, but offered prayers and considered as village deity and treated as Mahakali who is one of the forms in eleven forms of goddess Durga Devi.

One of the most prominent acts done by devotees is placing a coin in a vertical direction near Dwajastanam they believe that they wish to come true. If a devotee makes a wish heartfully by offering a prayer, then goddess compassionates them, so the coins stay vertical.

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