Chilkur Balaji Temple Timings, History, Darshan Timings

Chilkoor Balaji swami temple is built by Akkanna and Madanna( who are uncles of bhaktha ramadasu). Chilkoor balijee swami is one of the oldest temples in Hyderabad. Chilukoor balajee swami temple is also called as visa Swamy. This temple has VAK (voice of temples with religious news) books which consist of temple news. This temple fought against TTD as they want to take control of it, the priest of the temple claim a case in the supreme court and won it to stay away from the control of TTD, and there is no hundi in the temple so that they don’t have a source of income if devotes want to give money then they can transfer that to the trust the details are written on the wall. This is the only temple that had no privileges for VIP’s and no VIP darshans to prove that all equal to the god. The devotees who are visiting the temple for the first time they have to do 11 circumambulations and vow in front of the god without closing eyes after fulfilling their wish they have to do 108 circumambulations.

  • The reason behind 11 circumambulations means 1 soul 1 body which are being united with devotion to fulfil the wish. The reason behind 108 pradakshana means 1 represents almighty, 0 represents creation, 8 represents the time needed by the human body to come to the universe.Image result for chilukuri balajee swami temple

Stala Puranam Of Chilkoor Balajee Swami Temple:

Chilkoor balajee is said to be as kali yuga daivam. A devotee who visits Tirupati every year is not able to go Tirupati as he is ill then lord Venkateswara appeared in his dream and said that he is in the nearby forest the devote went to the place that he is directed in dream and he started digging a molehill by digging, the axe cut the neck and chest the wounded parts are bleeding then a voice from air said that Flood the mole-hill with cow’s milk then a statue of lord balajee with Bhoodevi and Sridevi was found which is swayambu avatar then for him a temple is constructed in chilukur by Akkana and Madanna. From then lord balajee is in chilukur to bless the devotees who can’t visit Tirupati.

Where Is Chilkoor Balaji Swami Temple Located:

The chilkoor balaji swami temple is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad which is near to Rajiv Gandhi International airport. There is a pleasant atmosphere while traveling to the temple with trees on both sides of the road with a cool breeze in the morning, evening.

While entering the temple there will be vendors selling Tulasi Mallas, coconuts and all the other stuff that is related to pooja in the temple. Tulasi is the favorite for lord Venkateswara if you wish to carve the lord you can purchase the Malla and give it to the priests in the temple. The entrance of the temple is painted with multicolor as blue, yellow, pink, green orange. Enter the temple barefoot and start circumambulations from the dwajastambam of the temple. You are allowed to have a glimpse at lord Balaji swami in the Garba Gudi in the early mornings.

Chilkoor Balaji temple road, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500075

Chilkoor Balaji Swami Temple Timings:

The temple will be opened at 5:00  a.m and will be closed by 10:00 p.m. The temple will be cleaned at 3:00 – 3:30 so devotees should not interrupt them by doing pradakshanas.

Chilkoor Balaji Swami Temple Darshan Timings:

The devotees are allowed to the temple from 5:00 a.m and allowed to garbha gudi in the morning up to 7 a.m.

Ticket Fare Of Chilkoor Balaji Swami Temple:

There is no cost charged for the entrance and this is the first temple which strictly said no fro the VIP darshan and there is no hundi in the temple and if you want to give money to the god you need to transfer the amount through the bank account to the administration.

What Are The Festivals That Are Celebrated In Chilkoor Balaji Swami Temple:

Sri Venkateswara Swami brahmotsavam is celebrated every year in the Chaitra masa. This festival is celebrated for 7 days. All the Hindu festivals as Ugadi, Diwali, Dussehra, Sankranthi.

Other Temples In Same Premises Of Chilkoor Balaji Swami Temple:

 There are three other temples on the same premises as Durga Devi is in the garbhagudi in the other room. Hanuman is at the dwajasthambam facing to lord balaji and shiva lingam is also situated.

What Are The Temples And Visiting Places Nearby Chilkoor Balaji swami temple:

There are some temples which are around the chilukoor balaji temple  as they are given as below

  1. TTD Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vari Devalayamu
  2. Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple
  3. Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple
  4. Sri Karigiri Venkateswara Swamy Devasthanam

Address And Contact Details Of Chilkoor Balaji swami temple:

Chilkoor Balaji temple road, himayath nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500075

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