Epic of Great Temple Puri Jagannath Puri ,Odisha

Epic of Great Temple Puri Jagannath

epic of great temple puri Jagannath according to the legendary in the Brahma purana, Skanda – purana and other puranas originally Lord Jagannath was worshipped as Nila madava by a Native chief called Viswavasu secretly in this spot.About the Famous Jagannath Temple The temple was covered with compact forest.


epic of great temple puri Jagannath


There was a king called Indradyumma in malwa in a central India. He was great devotee of Vishnu. Indradyumna settled in him a quite unusual and strange desire to see Vishnu in most perfect form on the surface of the earth.Accommodation Facilities in Shree Jagannath Temple In a dream he had a godly communication that he can see the most perfect form of Vishnu in Utkala. Utkala is altering name of ancient Odisha.

epic of great temple puri Jagannath called Vidyapati a royal priest and told him to spot out the place of Vishnu with such manifestation and report him. Vidyapati made several search about the spot and finally he came to know about the place in Odisha where Vishnu known by the extremely connotative name of Nila Madhava worshipped by Viswavasu at the top of the hill in dense forest. Vidyapati knows that Nila Madhava was deity of Visvavasu Click here to know about the Details of pooja timings and Sevas in the Shri Jagannath Temple 


epic of the great temple puri Jagannath


Vidyapati requested Visvavasu many times to reveal the secret place of Nila Madhava but Visvavasu refused to say about the place. Vidyapati married Lalita daughter of Visvavasu to reveal the secrete place of Nila Madhava. But even then he did not reveal the secret.

At Last because of the beloved daughter, he took his son – in – law to the place in blindfolded. As they went through the forest by walk Vidyapati dropped some Musted seeds on the ground so that after few days the seeds will be germinated and he can trace the place of secret cave easily.

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epic of great temple puri Jagannath


Then after returning to the Malwa he reports all his experience to the Indradyumna. After listing to the secret Indradyumna immediately plans for the pilgrimage to Odisha.

The king was so disappointed because at the time he reaches the spot he found that Nila Madhava astonishingly disappeared. Then he got the divine guidelines to go to the sea shore which is located in puri and to draw a log of wood which is lofting on the waves.

epic of great temple puri Jagannath

epic of great temple puri Jagannath  this log the body of Jagannath, the other form of Vishnu was to be invented in a suitable manner and the log was took out of the sea and ready to invent the image of Jagannath out of it. But no one is there to instruct the idol of Vishnu from the log. Then Lord Vishnu took pretty on him and he appeared in font of him as a carpenter. After long discussion he evokes the confidences in the king about his capability and he followed a suggestion given to him to be in a closed room with the log for 21 days and he warned that in any circumstances he should not be disturb open the door in specified date How to reach famous temple Puri Jagannath .


epic of great temple puri Jagannath


After 15 days the queen called Gundica was very kind- hearted, could not struggle the offers to convince the king to open the door as she as captured that the carpenter might have died since there was no sound from the room.

Then by the kings command they opened the door and found that there was no trace of carpenter and in spite of it they found set of four wooden images in incomplete form. This can be seen as the present worshipping images of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Sudhadra and Sudarsana.

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