Hyderabad or Secunderabad to Basar Train Timings and Bus Timings

How to reach Basara temple by Bus, Air and Train

The visitors have many facilities to reach Basara by Train, Bus and Air. Basara is around 210 km from Hyderabad and well connected with traveling facilities.

The listed are the option to travel and reach the Basara Temple:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Airplane

How To Reach Basara Temple

As per the above mention options, you have the facility to pre-book your journey to the Basara temple with the respective selected choice. The pre-booking concept raised to cast out the rush to travel peacefully.

Reach Basara temple by Bus:

The Basar temple is quite close connect in terms significant to Andhra Pradesh and minor Maharashtra. Below is the approximate distance calculated in terms Km according to maximum traveling starting points.

Starting point Distance
Nizamabad 40 Km
Hyderabad 127 Km
Nanded 110Km
Adilabad 150 Km

Options to Reach Basara by TSRTC Bus From MGBS/JBS Hyderabad

TSRTC Hyderabad/Secunderabad to Basara Bus Timings:

MGBS/JBS to Basara Bus Timings: jubilee bus stand to basara bus timings

To reach the Basara Temple by TSRTC Bus From Hyderabad/ Secunderabad, Follow below steps

From Hyderabad MGBS or Jubilee Bus Station, you need to catch the Bhainsa bus, (Bhainsa is 40 Kms after the Basara). More number of buses are running to Bhainsa from MGBS or JBS. Catch Bhainsa bus and Take Basara Ticket.

And another option is From Nizamabad – Basara is just 40 Km distance from Nizamabad. So, First Reach the Nizamabad and From Nizamabad, more number of Buses are available to Basara.

To Reach the Nizamabad – More buses are available from MGBS and JBS – For Every 30 minutes Garuda, Rajadhani AC Service, Super Luxury, Deluxe, and Express buses available to Nizamabad. From JBS, Rajadhani AC Bus will take 3:00 Hours to Reach Nizamabad, Super Luxury Service will take 3:30 Hours, Deluxe bus will take 4:00 hours and Express bus will take 4:15 minutes Time to reach the Nizamabad.

The best option is Reach Nizamabad first, From there catch Basara Bus. From JBS more number of AC buses are available to Nizamabad, you can reach Nizamabad in Just 3 Hours

For general inquiry of the bus, you can contact the listed contact numbers:

040– 23434268,

040- 23434280,



To know about the Reservation, contact 040- 23434269/ 23434269.

Hyderabad to Basara bus tickets online booking:

You can book Basara bus tickets online in advance, Open https://www.tsrtconline.in/oprs-web/ TSRTC online ticket portal, select your journey  Date and search for Hyderabad to Basara bus.

A list will be provided, select your service and Book ticket. Direct Bus, From Hyderabad to Basara only Express buses are running. So the best option is to Book your Ticket to Nizamabad.

Reach Basara temple by Air:

The nearest airport is Hyderabad, Telangana, and Nanded. In case you selected the Air options, once you reached to these airports. From the airport, you have several options to reach your destination called Basara temple.

It mainly mostly used by considerable distance visitors; it is fine to choose this option because it reduces your time. Also, it is highly inexpensive than comparing to the Bus and Train.

Whereas the distance varies according to the place you started, it ultimately depends on the location you choose to begin your journey.

The other Alternative option depends on the choice of travel, i.e., your vehicle, if you choose to travel by your car, take the help of GPS tracking to know the temple route.

How To Reach Basara Temple

Reach Basara temple by Train:

The railway station is just 14 km away from your destination of the Basara temple.

The Basara temple well connected with the facility of the train, there are many trains which travel from various railway stations as listed below:

From station To station Distance
Adilabad Basara 150 Km
Hyderabad Basara 210 Km
Mumbai Basara 800 Km
Nizamabad Basara 35 Km
Nanded Basara 150 Km
Nirmal Basara 72 Km
Warangal Basara 298 Km

Choose to travel by train, it causes many benefits like Budget-friendly, quick reach, and the railway station is very near to the Basara temple.

Hyderabad or Secunderabad to Basar Train Timings and Trains List:

Train name/number Train Running Days Arrival(Stn) time Reach(Stn) Time Total Distance travel time
TPTY/ 07608 Thursday Secunderabad-4:55 PM Basar-9:00 PM 4h 05m, 189 km
VSKP NANDED EXP/20811 Wednesday,



Secunderabad-9:20 Am Basar-12:18 PM 2h 58m, 190km



Secunderabad-9:20 AM Basar-12:18 PM 2h 58m,189Km
SC CSMT DEVAGIRI EXP/17058 Daily Secunderabad-1:25 pm Basar-4:28 PM 3h 3m,  189km
HYB JP EXP/ 17020 Saturday Secunderabad-3:45PM Basar-7:04 PM 3h 19m, 189Km
SC MMR AJANTHA EXP/ 17064 Daily Secunderabad-6:10 PM Basar-09:35 PM 3h 25m, 189Km
NS NSL EXP/ 17213 Monday,





Secunderabad-8:20 PM Basar-11:45 PM 3h 25m, 189 Km
TPTY ADB KRISHNA EXP/ 17405 Daily Secunderabad-9:40 PM Basar-00:30 AM 3h 20m 189km
TPTY SNSI/17417 Tuesday Secunderabad-9:40 PM Basar-1:39 AM 3h 59m, 189 km
NS NSL EXP/ 17231 Friday,


Secunderabad-9:40 PM Basar-1:39 AM 3h 59m, 189 Km
HYB PBN PASS/ 57563 Daily Secunderabad-09:10PM Basar-2:08 AM 4h 58m, 189 Km
MMR PASS/ 57561 Daily Secunderabad-4:50 PM Basar-10:18 PM 5h28m, a95Km
KCG NRKR/ 17641 All Days Except Monday Kacheguda-7:10 PM Basar-1:18 PM


4h 08m, 195Km
KCG AK EXP/17639 Monday Kachiguda-7:10 AM Basar-11:20 AM 4h 10m, 195 Km

Adilabad to Basar Train Timings and Trains List:

Only two trains are available to reach Basara from Adilabad.

Train name/number Train Running Days Arrival(Stn) time Reach(Stn) time Total Distance travel time
ADB TPTY KRISHNA EXP/17406 Daily  Adilabad-8:45 PM Basar-1:35 AM 4h 50Km,
ADB Kollam Junction Special/07509 Daily Adilabad- 12:00 PM Basar- 3:49 PM 5h 49m.

Nizamabad to Basar Train Timings and Trains List:

The below list of trains available Daily at the same time:

Train No Train Name Arrival(Stn) Reach Time Reach(Stn) time Total Distance travel time
17405 Krishna Express Nizamabad-00:05 AM Basar-00:30 AM 25m
07151 Kazipet Junction Nanded Express Nizamabad-1:50 AM Basar-2:15 AM 25m
07504 Tirupati Aurangabad Special Nizamabad-1:35 PM Basar-2:00 PM 25m
07125 Hyderabad Decan Jaipur Special Nizamabad-11:16PM Basar-11:45 PM 29m
17064 Ajanta Express Nizamabad-9:05 PM Basar-9:35 PM 30m
17213 Narasapur Nagarsol Exp Nizamabad-11:15 PM Basar-11:45 PM 30m
17231 Narasapur Nagarsol EXP Nizamabad-1:15 AM Basar-1:45 AM 30m
11206 Nizamabad Lokmanyatilak terminus EXP Nizamabad-11:15 AM Basar-11:54 AM 30m
16003 Chennai Central Nagarsol Express Nizamabad-03:10 AM Basar-03:42 AM 32m
17639 KCG Akola Junction EXP Nizamabad-10:45 AM Basar-11:20 AM 35m
17058 Devagiri Express Nizamabad-3:52 PM Basar-4:32 PM 39m
57563 Hyderabad Decan parbhani Junction Passenger Nizamabad-3:35 PM Basar-4:16 PM 41m


07407 Tirupati Adilabad special Nizamabad-1:20 AM Basar-2:03 AM 43m
07410 Tirupati Aurangabad Special Nizamabad-1:20 AM Basar- 2:03 AM 43m
18309 Nagavalli EXP Nizamabad-11:57AM Basar-12:44 PM 47m
18509 Vishakhapatnam

Junction nanded EXP

Nizamabad-11:57AM Basar-12:44 PM 47m
07020 Hyderabad Decan Ajmer Junction Special Nizamabad-2:55PM Basar-3:43 PM 48m
17020 Hyderabad Decan Ajmer Junction Special Nizamabad-3:15PM Basar-3:43 PM 48m
06406 Tirupati Aurangabad special Nizamabad-12:27 PM Basar- 1:15 PM 48m
08509 Vishakhapatnam

Junction nanded EXP

Nizamabad-11:57AM Basar- 12:44 PM 47m

Mumbai to Basara Train Timings and Trains List:

Train No Train name Arrival(Stn) Time Reach(Stn) time Total distance travel time
11206 Nizamabad Lokamanyatilak Terminus Lokmanyatilak terminus- 1:55 PM Basar- 11:46 PM 14h 9m
17058 Devagiri Express Mumbai Cst- 7:10 AM Basar- 4:32 PM 14h 38m

Nanded to Basara Train Timings and Trains List:

Train No Train name&

Running Days

Arrival(Stn) Time Reach(Stn)  time Total Distance travel time




NED H SAHIB- 4:35 PM Basar -5:58 PM 1h 23m




NED H SAHIB- 4:35 PM Basar -5:58 PM 1h 23m


NED H SAHIB- 7:30 PM Basar -9:09 PM 1h 39m


NED H SAHIB- 3:10 PM Basar -4:50 PM 1h 40m


NED H SAHIB- 8:45 AM Basar -10:30 AM 1h 54m


NED H SAHIB- 3:45 PM Basar -5:34 AM 1h 49m
17214 NSL NS EXP.






NED H SAHIB- 5:10 PM Basar -7:00 PM 1h 50m
17232 NSL NS EXP.

Monday, Saturday.

NED H SAHIB- 5:10 PM Basar -7:00 PM 1h 50m
17640 AK KCG EXP.


NED H SAHIB- 2:15 PM Basar -4:10 PM 1h 55m

All Days, Except Tuesday.

NED H SAHIB- 2:15 PM Basar -4:10 PM 1h 55m


NED H SAHIB- 6:45 PM Basar -8:45 PM 2h
17019 JP HYB EXP.


NED H SAHIB- 12:30 AM Basar -2:30 AM 2h


NED H SAHIB- 6:00 AM Basar -8:04 AM 2h 04m
57564 NED HYB PAS.


NED H SAHIB- 11:30 PM Basar -1:44 AM 2h 14m


NED H SAHIB- 7:00 AM Basar -9:48 AM 2h 48m

Warangal to Basara Train Timings and Trains List:

Train No Train name Arrival (Stn) Time Reach(Stn) time Total Distance time
18309 Nagavali EXP Kazipet Junction -6:02 AM Basar -12:44 PM 6h 42m
18509 Vishakhapatnam Junction Nanded EXP Kazipet Junction -6:02 AM Basar -12:44 PM 6h 42m
17213 Narasapur Nagarsol EXP Warangal- 4:52 PM Basar-11:45 PM 6h 53m
17405 Krishna EXP Warangal-5:57 PM Basar-00:30 AM 7h 33m
08509 Vishakhapatnam Junction Warangal-5:10 AM Basar-12:44 PM 7h 34m
07406 Tirupati Aruangabad Special Kazipet Junction- 4:32 AM Basar-1:15 PM 8h 43m

Nirmal to Basara:

There is no direct transport from Nirmal to Basara either through bus, train, and air. The total distance from Nirmal to Basara is 70 km.

You have a few options to choose:

  • Take a direct taxi to reach the Basara temple.
  • Take a passenger bus till Nizamabad then take train Ajanta from Nizamabad to Basara, which you can reach in 25 – 30 minutes.

Different Seva’s and Darshans of Basara Temple are available, you can perform different Sevas and pujas at Basara.

There are many different famous Visiting Places near Basara Temple

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