History of TTD Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala

History of TTD Temple

History of TTD Temple In the Indian history, Tirumala Tirupathi Temple of Sri Vakateswara Swamy has made its own place relating to the epic story. In continuation to this, The temple gained further richness in the literature written by his prime devotees ‘Bavaji’ who was the primary poojari of the Lords at Tirumala Tirupathi Temple and ‘Sri Annamaya‘.Check More Epic Story Of TTD Venkateswara Temple


History of TTD Temple


Annamaya has taken his birth with the blessing of lord Sri Venkareswara to maintain the heritage of ‘Bhagavatam’ and the story of Sri Venkateswara, in an intension to destroy the Kali yugas traces of evil activates and keep the glory of goodness on the earth through his keerthana’s and literature what were very much needed.

About TTD Venkateswara Temple Annamaya’s complete devotion and dedication to the lord made him face various disrespecting situations by the kings and other people. But, he never looked back and prayed the lord till his final breath.

History – Seven Hills Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy

Saptagiri also known as Seven Hills symbolize Saptarishi means the seven sages. Hence the lord is named as Saptagirinivasa. Seven sages named as.Check Information Sevas And Pooja’s Of TTD Venkateswara Temple


History of TTD Temple


  • Vrushabhadri – Hill of Nandi, Lord Shivas’ Vahana
  • Anjanadri – Lord Hanumans Hill
  • Neeladri – Neela Devi Hill. A belief is set, that the hair offered here by devotees is received by Neela devi, which is due to the boon which was given by Lord Sri Venkateshwara to Neela Devi.
  • Garudachalam or Garusadri – Garuda, Vahana of Lord Vishnu
  • Seshachalam or Seshadri – sesha Hill, Dasa of Lord Vishnu
  • Naraynadri – Narayana Hill, Srivari Padalu are seen here
  • Venkatadri – Lord Venkareshwara Hill.

  History of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

Services Offered By TTD Temple History of TTD Temple The temple of Lord Sri Venkateshwara is one in the eight Sywayambhu Kshetras i.e., the idol that is manifested on its own.

Other temples that are in chain namely Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple, Bhu-Varaha Swamy Temple, & Vanamamalai Perumal located in South India and Saligrama, Naimisaranya, Badrinath & Pushkar temple located in North India.


History of TTD Temple


History of TTD Temple There is a huge mythical literary along with hic-jacet testimonials to the relic of temple dedicated to Lord Sri Venkateshwara . The dynasties that ruled the southern peninsula namely Sri Krishnadevaraya, have paved a way for the glory of Lord Sri Venkateshwara during the ancient shrine.

Devotees of the Temple:

History of TTD Temple


  • The Pallavas of Kancheepuramm during the 9th Century AD, The Cholas of Thanjavur a century after, The kings & Chieftains of Vijayanagaram during 14th-15th century AD and The Pandyas of Madurai have offered and are offering their contribution to the Lord. During the ruling period of Vijayanagara dynasty there were incredible increase in the contribution to the temple. There were statues ensconced of Sri Krishnadevaraya at the portals of the Temple, along with statue of Venkatapati Raya placed in the main temple that can be seen in the current day as well.
  • After the gradual down fall of Vijayanagar dynasty, the nobles & chieftains across the country has followed the ritual of paying their adulations & gifts offerings to the temple have increased. A permanent endowment was established for reverence was established when the Maratha general, Raghoji Bhonsle visited the temple. Big and valuable presents were offered to the Lord like the emerald that is till date preserved in a box which is named after the General. In the large rulers list Mysore & Gadwal rulers have made their place.
  • After the down fall of Hindu kingdoms, many temples along with Lord Sri Venkateshwaras’ temple were taken over under the superintending and vigilant control of Muslim Rulers of Karnataka and the Britishers.


History of TTD Temple


  • During 1843 AD, East India Company dissociate itself from undeviating management of Non-christian places of preaching along with the native institutes of religion. In the dispensation of Shrine of Sri Venkateswara, plus numerous estates were relegated to Sri Seva Dossji of Hatiramji Mutt at Tirumala. Since then the temple was under the supervision of Mahants from 90 years, that continued till 1933 AD.
  • During the year of 1933, an act was put through by Madras Legislature that give powers to Tirumala Tirupathi Devesthanams (TTD) committee which took care of entire controls and governed a set group of temples in Tirumala – Tirupati region. This is surveyed under the Commissioner assigned by the Government of Madras.
  • During 1951, the previous act of 1933 was reinstated by ratification, where the admin of TTD was delegated to Board of Trustees along with an Executive officer, who were appointed by the government.
  • In the provision of act 1951 that was engaged by the Religious endowments and charitable Act of 1966.

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