History Of Travancore Royal Family,Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

History Of Travancore Royal Family

History Of Travancore Royal Family The Matrilineal tradition was followed in the 18th century, ’Anizham Thrirunal Marthanda Varma’  took over his uncle Rama Varma as King in the age of 23 years. The king then was successful in strangleholding the 700 year old ‘Ettuveetil Pillamar’. About Padmanabhaswamy Temple His cousins then followed the plot made by the lord aligned with the Travancore Royal family.

History Of Travancore Royal Family
Finally the re-construction of the temple was made under the supervision of Anizham Thirunal who succession to throne and idol was done in 906ME i.e., 1731 CE.
History Of Travancore Royal Family In the year 1750, Anizham Thirunal gave up the dynasty of Travancore to Padmanabha Swamy, for attaining the divinity at the temple. He also took an oath that he along with his descendents would be liegeman/agents of the lord who then wished to serve the kingdom as Padmanabha Dasa.Epic Story Of Padmanabhaswamy Temple
There after it became a heritage matter that every ruler/king of Travancore was headed with the name of Sree Padmanabha Dasa which was meant for male individuals, and the female individuals were named Sree Padmanabha Sevinis then after. The offerings of Kingdom to Swamy Padmanabha were called ‘Thrippadi-danam’.


History Of Travancore Royal Family
Final will of Anizham Thirunal when he passed away in the age of 53 years outlined the relation historically between the Maharaja’s of the kingdom and the temple.Magnificent Idol Of Lord Padmanabha swamy And also mentioned ‘That no Deviation what-so-ever should be made in regard to the dedication of kingdom to Padmanabh Swamy and that all future territorial’s acquisitions should be made over to the Devaswom.’
Administration of the Temple:
The temple of Padmanabha Swamy has been a pride in the Indian culture and tradition that is incredible. All the temples have got a beautiful stories behind their origin and the management system that has been taking care of the temple since many decades.


History Of Travancore Royal Family


  • Primarily the Temple of Sree Padnaabhaswamy was taken care by Thiruvanandapuram Sabha’, which was later taken care by Ettara Yogam i.e., The council of Eight and a half. This was handed over with the support of Ettuveetil Pillamare., Lords of Eight Houses.
  • The Pushpanjali Swamiyars relating to Padmanabha Swamy Temple over the convention of Thiruvananthapuram community and Ettara Yogam.
  • By taking over the Ettara Yogam, in the history the swamiyars of Naduvil Madhom were allotted as Pushpanjail swamiyars by Maharaja’s of Travencore.

History Of Travancore Royal Family the imperfect administration of Ettara Yogam, Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma diluted the strong Ettuveeti Pillamar.Check More Information Accommodation At Padmanabhaswamy Temple

  • Later, Ettara yogam was then given the authority of counselling and in-according body since then.
  • At the same time Naduvil Madhom, Muchira Madhom both got the authorities to take up Pushpamjali Swamiyars during the time in power.
  • Though Maharaja of Travencore is the superior in taking up the authority of appointing the Pushpanjali Swamiyars, former was given the Vechu Namaskaram when his comes across the Swamiyar.
  • When the ‘Uthradom Thiruna Marthanda Varma’ passed in the year 2013 December. His Nephew Moolam Thirunal Rama Varma was given the ostensible authority of maharaja of Travancore in the year 2014 January.

Uthradom Thiruna Marthanda Varma


  • As his predecessors, Moolam Thirunal was given the authoritative powers from Ettara yogam, before actually receiving the title of ‘Maharaja’ .
  • Under the supervision of maharaja Designate:
    • Yogathil Pottimar and The Tantri,
    • The Pushpanjali Swamiyar Maravanchery Thekkedathu Neelakanta Bharatikal Signs over Neettu (Order) of Ettara Yogam.
    • By giving a resignation to Moolam Thirunal as ‘Chirava Mooppu’ (Maharaja of Travancore) and Trippappoor Mopu (Admin of Temple).
    • The formal procedure take place at Kulasekhara Mandapam in Padamabha Swamy temple.

Revathi Thirunal Balagopal Varma the grandson of Maharani Regent Pooradom Thirunal Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, is the Elayaraja of Travancore

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